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Posted by But this says-Mostly Females affected-GrandmaPeg on September 08, 2000 at 13:09:22:

In Reply to: Re: seizures induced by flickering light posted by Barbie on September 07, 2000 at 21:37:34:

: : Take a look at this, Many thanks to Professor G Harding (Aston University, England) for his help in drafting this leaflet.

: : Photosensitive epilepsy is the name given to that form of epilepsy in which seizures are provoked by
: : flickering light encountered in everyday life. Both natural and artificial light sources may precipitate
: : seizures, but the commonest precipitant appears to be television.

: : It is often assumed that everybody with epilepsy is photosensitive, but only 3 - 5% of people with
: : epilepsy are. This sensitivity occurs at a rate of approximately 1:4000 of a young (20 or under)
: : population. The onset of photosensitive epilepsy occurs below the age of 20 years and the condition
: : appears to be most common between the ages of 9 and 15. Females are more affected by
: : photosensitivity than males. There is evidence, too, of a genetic factor in this condition.

: : Various types of seizure may be induced by flickering light, but a tonic-clonic (grand mal) seizure is
: : certainly the most frequent type induced by television, perhaps preceded by myoclonic jerking (brief
: : jerking of the limbs).

: : If television can do this to that age group I can't begin to imagine the horrible effect it can have on children under five
: : years old.
: : Barbie

: Here is the URL for the above article

Comment; Since this article says mostly females affected by flikering lights, where is the rationale for the propensity of males being affectd by autism or autism seizures? Where is the paralell between this and Drummonds article? This doesn't mean I'm discounting the info, I just asked a question I need answered. Grandma Peg

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