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Posted by . on August 27, 2000 at 09:09:55:

We are exactly three months into the diet. We started this toward the end of May, around the last week of school. (Kyle was 5 yr. 9 months at the time.) School here has started again and I simply have to share with everyone .

I did not want to jump into this diet thing and be convinced from day one that this was really going to work. I have been plodding along with it, day in and day out, and lately started wondering if we should really be doing this. While one sip of milk will send my son into lovely fits of diarrhea, this was nothing I didn't know for quite some time. It was the gluten that was tripping me up. I was not "lucky" enough to have seen anything dramatic when my son was able to sneak a bite of bread -- no bells, no whistles, no fits, nothing.

So for three months, I have grudgingly prepared meals from scratch, snatched Oreos out of my son's hands, and have pried his mouth open to rake Goldfish funk off his tongue. Well, there are an awful lot of people who haven't seen my son since school ended last spring, and subsequently, the same time that we committed 100% to the diet. As we walked into school on his first day of first grade, everyone else saw all the things that crept up on me over the summer months.

My son smiled & waved at teachers, he pointed at posters and would say "Look! It's a dinosaur. It's a snake." He ran full force at his special education teacher and gave her a hug and a kiss. The other children in his classroom all got either hugs from him or gentle pats on their heads. He was genuinely happy to be there, was interested in his surroundings (people included), and he was able to follow three & four step verbal instructions.

For the first time, he brought home pictures that he had actually colored versus the angry scribbling that he usually did. His homework consists of reviewing his sight reading words, and even though these words are shouted at me, he IS reading them. During a telephone conversation with his teacher last night, I asked her why his daily report no longer had any comments regarding special gains he had made during the school day. She paused for a second, and then in a voice that said I was a certifiable lunatic, she said, "There's no way I can write all that down."

His personality & sense of humor have blossomed. He piled a pink pompom atop a wicker hot pad, coaxed a paintbrush to stand up in the middle of it and laughed his way through "Happy Birthday" while presenting me with the `birthday cake'. The sweet part about it was that it really was my birthday and he, his sister and father had just signed a birthday card for me.

Since my son had no therapy over the summer, and since I had decided to try the diet alone and no other interventions at this point, I can attribute these changes to nothing other than the diet. The results were not overnight. They were not obvious to me until we spent some time in the company of people who have not seen my son for quite some time. The spontaneous feedback from others is priceless encouragement. And it was unbiased feedback, since no one was aware of any particular intervention, dietary or otherwise. I hope each & every one of you has someone - a grandparent, an aunt or an uncle, a good family friend - that you can visit every three months or so.

Even though we have shaved off a few numbers from his ATEC score, the comments from others did more for my lagging spirits than anything. But before some guy (who's name I won't mention, but it rhymes with organ) jumps in here, I am signing off to go record our success. I swear.

Janell in Kentucky

Kyle's Story (sent 8/26/00 to age 6.0 yrs. By Janell from Kentucky


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