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Posted by Ann on September 08, 2000 at 22:54:28:

Hi Grandma Peg,
In reply to your question as to whether dry Vitamin E will work as well
as the oils---The answer is yes. The dry form of Vitamin E ( alpha tocopherol acetate or
succinate) is from soybean oil and it is efficiently absorbed even when given on an empty
stomach whereas the oil form is poorly absorbed unless given with several grams of fats
and oils. I give Jennifer her vitamin E in the oil form but it is in The total essential fatty
acids which does contain other fats and oils. She also drinks Moo Not which contains
a soy protein so It appears I have the absorption covered. The dry form you are using
is an excellent choice though.
Wheat germ is the richest form of vitamin E, but you can get vitamin e made from sunflower
seeds, vegetable oils, safflower oils, sweet potato-to name a few-
That is a tough question as to whether the oil forms are free of wheat molecules without
having the molecular make up of the Vitamin E. Whether the one someone has is
wheat germ based, or from the other oils I mentioned. The dry form is more expensive,
but at least you know it is a soy source.
Jennifer was very allergic to wheat, but since healing her leaky gut, she does not have a bad
reaction any longer.I bought some Sun Soy milk in an emergency only later to find it
had wheat in it and she did fine, but I still prefer to eliminate as much wheat as possible.
I am a registered pharmacist, but will admit I do not know everything as I did research
on healing various stages and degrees of autism--I have learned a great deal about vitamins
and supplements. I do have a degree from UNC- Chapel Hill. I am licensed in 2 states.
I am here to help and also ask for help--as we all learn what we can do to heal our children---

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