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Posted by Ann on August 27, 2000 at 09:30:03:

In Reply to: Re: still confused... posted by Jean in NC on August 27, 2000 at 07:17:57:

Hi Jean,
I am from NC too. I am living in SC at the present. Ist of all--No
excess vitamin C is not excreted out in the urine. It is what is causing the
loose stools, so I would back down on the dose. Jennifer is 3 and 1/2 so I
give 500mg spread out throughout the day. An Md told me that if loose stools
develop back off on the dose. I do not believe in starting with high doses. I dose
based on age and weight--- It is better to dose low and build up. I am only
giving 24mg of B6 right now , not 200mg like suggested.
I am a pharmacist and do alot of consulting with MD's all over the US . I
consult with one in LA, one in Mississippi and one in Florida. I have a paper
on dosing that I use as a guideline. E-mail me at [email protected] and
I will tell you how to get a copy for free. You do not want to give too much
Vitamin E. The liquid I use gives it in forms of evening primrose oil and borage oil.
The GLA in this form is like 288mg per 1 tbl.. Somewhere Dr. Megson states
that 117mg is sufficient. Here's the rule of thumb one Physician gave me.
A child gets 1/3 of the adult dose. I only give Jennifer 1 tsp and I divide it
up in various milk substitutes throughout the day. I tried plain Evening primrose
Oil 500mg capsules on Jennifer and she did terrible on it--worse, but
with the total Essential Fatty acids she has improved.
E-mail me and we will talk more-- hope this helps

Hi Ann,

: I am also trying to do CLO with my son and am struggling to get started. I hope you don't mind some more questions!

: :I bought Total Essential Fatty Acids ( in liquid form)
: : It contains a mixed Vitamin E with evening primrose and borage oils. It has been
: : great. I dose it according to GLA requirements.

: How do you know how much GLA your child needs?

: : Here's what Dr Megson reccommends: Pretreat for about 2 weeks with
: : Vitamin E 200-400IU/day plus Vitamin C 250-100 twice a day.
: :

: We have recently added Evening Primrose Oil and are working up to the suggested amounts of extra vitamin C and E. We plan to start CLO after we get adjusted to those newest additions. My son has been having loose stools recently---could the vitamins and EPO do that?
: The dose he suggests for vitamin E seems pretty high, considering the RDA is somewhere between 10-30 I.U. Is excess vitamin E likely to cause problems?
: I guess the vitamin C is pretty high, too, but I've always heard excess C is just excreted in the urine.

: Thanks for any information!

: Jean in NC

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