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Posted by GFCF page has Dr's info page links also-Grandma Peg on May 25, 2000 at 17:57:29:

In Reply to: Re: MY 4YR OLD SON posted by cf on May 25, 2000 at 11:41:34:

: Elaine,
: please visit , it is full of information about PDD, autism spectrum disorders and diet. There is also a HUGE message board so you can talk to other parents! It is full of the latest information about pdd, autism spectrum disorders, on the internet!!

REPLY; You may not be ready to call this autism but most of our kids finally get labled as autism spectrum disorder and PDD is part of 'us'. Most of the Dr's pages, and research pages, will state PDD along with, don't fall apart, there is lots of help tho' it may not come from the regular med. circle you're using now,'s happened to at Least, 500,000 of 'us'...( there are Many more but different classifications allowed them to be counted separately) IS an epidemic, there are many more affected kids, some less in ADHD's, PDD's, and some more, as deeply autistic-like. The clue is that they are autistic-LIKE but Dr's don't know what to do with them as there are so many and they don't fit the usual autistic diagnosis,,,most med. personnel just deny, deny, deny. Another good site, which does have a link thru' gfcf diet pages, but on the PDD subject also is The site of Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, a ped.M.D. who is also involved in biological therapies as treatments. Anther is The site of Dr. Mike Goldberg, an M.D. allergist, also involved in bio-treatments. One of the leading factors of these kids is that they don't talk. They may be behind in other ways, behavior, etc., They may seem to be in a fog or all the way thru' wild crazy like behaviors to withdrawn, they may be engaged in repetitive actions, in any degree, they may be happy and compliant, some do accomplish speech, without treatments tho' many do not. As said, we've ALL had this medical shuffle and brush off...but we've learned what those docs refuse to even listen too. You're not Do need to move Quickly on this or lose your kid to their-or his- silence. Please read the materials suggested and the gfcf site & it's materials, now, and consider and compare carefully. God Bless, Grandma Peg

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