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Posted by Liz R - The Liz who has been on the board a lot lately on September 09, 2000 at 10:45:10:

I am afraid my call for autism to be defined back in early August started this uproar. It was a day when I spoke with a woman from my insurance company. You see, they don't have to pay for any of my son's therapy because in her words, "Autism is just a learning disability."
Drummond came back with a response and later decided to reveal his research to us. None of us liked it because it was different.
My son was not born with Autism. It is evident in his pictures and everyone who knew him as a baby wonders what has happened. He has had an MRI which has shown nothing. I had to convince the insurance company to pay for this by explaining that he was in a car accident at 7 months and I thought that maybe there was some damage that wasn't detected at the time.
If we are so passionate about this, we should be demanding more research. Sadly, the majority of the research is not being done in the US, despite that autism is becoming an epidemic in our nation.
What caused Joe's autism? I'll never know. Was it the time he had an allergic reaction to his Amoxicillin and had hives on his back that were as big as apples? Did something happen to him during that accident that didn't show up on the MRI? Did he get encephalitis from a chicken pox shot or was he thrown into a trance when we took him to see Tarzan a short time before he started to regress?
This mystery will haunt me for the rest of my life. In the mean time, we know that the road that leads out of this mess is a long one. It involves intense one on one therapy and dietary intervention. Our children need speech, OT and sometimes physical therapy. Television watching can only be counterproductive for a child that needs one on one interaction with human beings.
We have all been hurt by this disease which has not been researched very much. I wish everyone on this board the best and I pray that all of our children will be healed. I believe in God and I am faithful that some day He will reveal the cause of this disease.



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