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Posted by TNX so much-Grandma Peg on September 09, 2000 at 10:53:24:

In Reply to: To Grandma Peg in response to Vitamin E question posted by Ann on September 08, 2000 at 22:54:28:

: Hi Grandma Peg,
: In reply to your question as to whether dry Vitamin E will work as well
: as the oils---The answer is yes. The dry form of Vitamin E ( alpha tocopherol acetate or
: succinate) is from soybean oil and it is efficiently absorbed even when given on an empty
: stomach whereas the oil form is poorly absorbed unless given with several grams of fats
: and oils. I give Jennifer her vitamin E in the oil form but it is in The total essential fatty
: acids which does contain other fats and oils. She also drinks Moo Not which contains
: a soy protein so It appears I have the absorption covered. The dry form you are using
: is an excellent choice though.
: Wheat germ is the richest form of vitamin E, but you can get vitamin e made from sunflower
: seeds, vegetable oils, safflower oils, sweet potato-to name a few-
: That is a tough question as to whether the oil forms are free of wheat molecules without
: having the molecular make up of the Vitamin E. Whether the one someone has is
: wheat germ based, or from the other oils I mentioned. The dry form is more expensive,
: but at least you know it is a soy source.
: Jennifer was very allergic to wheat, but since healing her leaky gut, she does not have a bad
: reaction any longer.I bought some Sun Soy milk in an emergency only later to find it
: had wheat in it and she did fine, but I still prefer to eliminate as much wheat as possible.
: I am a registered pharmacist, but will admit I do not know everything as I did research
: on healing various stages and degrees of autism--I have learned a great deal about vitamins
: and supplements. I do have a degree from UNC- Chapel Hill. I am licensed in 2 states.
: I am here to help and also ask for help--as we all learn what we can do to heal our children---
: Sincerely,
: Ann

Reply; Thanks so much, Ann. As said, glad to ave a pharmacist on the board. Now I have another question, what do you think of the current controversy re; soy? First, it's said that it helps prevent breast cancer, then it's said those same isoflavones cause breast cancer...aldo read that soy's phyto-estrogens are too feminizing for males to be using and yet another, a bonefide Dr. who says soy's phyto-hormones are harmfu to both sexes. Any ideas as to what's going on, besides the money chain?? Grandma Peg

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