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Posted by Dad on May 30, 2000 at 15:18:17:

In Reply to: Re: The CDC statemenyt in, hell,NO i don't believe i went over the top, each individual has the basic human right to make an honest, informed decision. posted by margaret on May 26, 2000 at 19:50:29:

While it is true that Wakefield used a small sample, and started with the dozen kids who had bowels problems, he did indeed have a control group of 9 children of the same ages with no bowel problem. Of the control group, only one showed signs of the measels in their bowel, the others did not. Of the 12 kids with bowel problems, I believe 9 were also autistic. All 12 children with bowel problems showed signs of chronic measels infection in the upper bowel, were there should have been no measels at all.

What makes this all the more insidious, is that when Wakefield sent his tissue samples ovre to Mr. Stewart at the lab in Ireland, he sent all the samples double blind. By this, he did not identify samples by anything but lot number, and he also did not tell Mr. Stewart what to look for (measels), so the lab ij Ireland had to regenerate the viruses in question and then identify them. They did, with complete accuracy according to the previous information Wakefield maintained. It is also extremely critical to note that when Mr. Stewart regenerated the measels, it was not the "wild" strain, but had the same genetic "fingerprint" as the strain of measels used in the MMR vaccine. While this is by no means proof positive (like the proverbial smoking gun), it is an grave indicator that our medical science is not infallible, that our doctors are not some mystic Shaman protecting us from the unknown horrors, and that we still have a great deal to learn about autism, vaccinations, the complex interrelationship between body and mind, and maybe most importantly, that tenured govt. bureaucrats are not always operating with their clients' (we, the taxpayers and our progeny) best interests in mind.

Again, the CDC downplays Dr. Wakefield's findings by stating "There is no scientific research or data to indicate that there is any benefit to
separating the MMR vaccine into its individual components. This idea is not based on any published evaluation of
the effect(s) it may have on children. In fact, splitting the MMR vaccine into three separate doses may be harmful because
it would expose children unnecessarily to potentially serious diseases."

This is pure bullshit. There are numerous documented cases, available under the FIA, which shows vaccine damage has been caused by overloading children with too many shots at one time. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that some people will have immuno systems which cannot handle the same load as others. To give a child a triple shot (or worse, some kids get as many a seven vaccines in one day) is not a safe medical practice. It most likely stems from the powerful HMO lobby who would rather pay for one doctor visit per year than have the child go in every six weeks or so to get the nexy booster. Hey, if these kids all have such strong imuune systems that we don't have to worry about how many shots they get at once, why do they need vaccinated at all?

The CDC also wants to downplay the testing which goes on prior to a vaccines introduction, letting the public assume that all is well cause Dow says so. I present the ill-fated rota-virus vaccine as evidence that sometimes they looketh before they leapeth. The pertussis vaccine had to be redone, and now the militry is shoving the questionable anthrax vaccine into the servicemen's arms, despite a critical lack of evidence it even will work.

Think for yourself is my motto, and I don't expect you to believe me any more than I believe the CDC. Look nto these matters and see the information firsthand. Do not for a minute think the CDC (or any other org) would hesitate for one minute before lying outright to us in order to preserve their jobs and avoid losing face.

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