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Posted by You Are SO WRPNG-Very Mistaken-Grandma Peg on June 06, 2000 at 17:06:10:

In Reply to: I got the definite impression someone is censoring, though the posted asked insight opinions distinctly I answered. posted by MBDie direction autism on June 01, 2000 at 07:01:23:

: To the censoror: Why do you not straight say that this is not some autistic board, but drug-the-children to force them away from the own norm and censor out all criticizing?

: You can praise yourself and your censoring, that the post

: MBD towards "autism"

: was busted.

: As I count myself under that,
: I rather seek some side where one can talk about own brain opinions,
: uncensored,
: and that does seem pro and not contra "autist".

: Have fun with your future censoring here;
: no wonder I so far read no "autist" post,
: but bunches of anti (from "non-autists") here.

: Would amaze me if anyone called autist could stand this here for long.

: I leave you to your generalizings without looking at brain areas correlations,
: and to your chats about drugging children to mess up their nature in the attempt to force them to other norms.

: I doubt when they are old they will go to a censored, anti-autist room like this.

REPLY; I doubt that you understood what you read here. There asn't been any censorship on suggestions on brain disorders, to the contrary, we most all of us, understand that the brain is or has been disabled. Mos of the people on this board don't routinely go for drug dosing however, some do use them. And a lot of us use homeopathich or health food supplements and some kind of special diet. You sound like so many autistics AND alcoholics... just because we want to improve the health of our kids, minds and bodies, you assume we want to do away with you or any who have autism...we don't want to do away with any of 'you', our kids are them... we want to do away with the disease or disorder that keeps them locked into a sparate world of derangement, or distance or unhealthy=iness. You are YOU...Autism is NOT you, just as alcoholism is not the person, it is a physicial, mental and emotional disorder - something that's 'laid on to you' like poisen ivy gets on the skin- it can be healed so that the real person can be emotionally healed so that the real person can function in relationships of give and take on a rational basis....most of the time, as the 'rest' of us do. I think you jumped too quick here, with your post. God loves you anyway, and so woud we....if you'd let us. But rest easy, most of us don't like drugs any more than you do and most posters seem to be questioning the kind their Doctor may have given them for their kids, not advixing others to get on them. God Bless, Grandma Peg

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