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Posted by Seren Aid isn't a sub. for gfcf diet-Grandma Peg on June 15, 2000 at 17:32:47:

In Reply to: SerenAid posted by Gwen on June 13, 2000 at 19:23:09:

: Has anyone tried SerenAid without going on a GFCF diet? My son seems to react to everything he eats and since he is so thin I hate restrict his diet.

REPLY; Seren Aid wasn't designed to replace the gfcf diet. It is only for the accidental ingestion of small amounts of gluten or casein or to catch other peptides created by allergen foods such as corn. It seems that most who have trie it w/o the diet were disappointed because they saw no reaction. Don't know what they expected but in treating these kids, there's No magic yet. You might be surprised at what your child Would eat if his system begins to clear up afer getting off all dairy and then glutens...appetities often increase. Have you read Why the kids prefer only certain foods?? They act as a dope addiction in them, whether it's from allergic reactions or bowel intolerances. You owe it to your kid to at least TRY getting him off dairy or those foods to which he's dedicated. You might be surprised at how some of his behaviors that keep everyone on edge disappear. You also might be surprised at how well he accets a sub. milk drink, most kids do. If it were beer or wine, marijuana, heroine, opium or some other dope, would you still enable him by letting him have all he wanted?? (If you had a way to stop him...??) I dn't think you would, yet, the limited diets are doing the same for them...keeping them High and in a fog. The point is, they're actually being Hurt by their limited diet because of the Type of foods, not the limited amount. The gfcf diet isn't as hard as some think, it does take your dedication and practice. And some have to learn to cook without convenience or fast foods...altho' McDonalds fries and burgers w/o buns are generally 'safe'. And you can still use all the fresh, canned or frozen veggies and fruit and plain meats. I hope you've read the reasoning behind the diet in relationship to Allergies And will change your mind, I'm sure. Give your kid a're all he's got as most of the med. community runs when they suspect 'autism' even though they Should remember that Many disorders cause autistic-Like behaviors and sn't autism at all. And many will be cured or healed on these therapies...and some will only be calmed and the smallest percent will have no improvements at all...that's MY prediction. God Bless, Grandma Peg

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