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Posted by Okey-toxicity not same-Grandma Peg on June 15, 2000 at 18:13:06:

In Reply to: Re: Rubbing/painful eyes while taking cod liver oil? posted by Lana on June 14, 2000 at 14:56:00:

: Margaret,
: Your point is well taken; CLO from Kirkman Labs was tested by two independent labs for purity and the test results are posted on their site I personally wouldn't touch any fish oil if it was not tested for purity by independent labs.
: Regards,
: Lana

REPLYING; as to Toxicity, Toxic symptoms of Vit.A are, itchy skin, slight naseau, hair falling out and leg hair stubble...that's most. Toxicity can be relieved by stopping the CLO until the symptoms disappear, then can be restarted at a lower dose. Do a search of this board using the search feature...ask for Dr. McGinnis or CLO, it will probably find the safe doses.After reading Megson's material, I'd guess this child Is having irritation but maybe not from CLO. When an ASD child looks at you sideways...they ARE looking at you - straight on- the rods and cones that facilitate vision aren't fully developed in the center of the eye where they should be so the kids have used their peripheral vision instead. It may be eyestrain from trying to use center vision... Now, as to the purity of the CLO, many contain a spiking of synthetic Vit. A, palmitate, which most people can't assimilate, especially these kids...according to both Megson & McGinnis, both answers. So, that Does need to be looked into. Also, as Lana said, the RDD-(whatever)- may not be recommend but the Dr's say they set theirs at a low level for the reason's Lana gives, and may be the RDD...or more. However, McGinnis says to give vit. E and Vit. C before starting CLO and With it and Pat Kane says they also need Eve. Primrose oil to balance out the fatty acids. Lastly, we who use the supplements are told over and over, start small, work up to the recommended doses and back them off the same way...unless the reaction is's all I know about it. But by All Means, if your Dr. is co-operative with these therapies, ask him to examine the eyes And the printed materials...Grandma Peg

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