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Posted by margaret on June 15, 2000 at 18:20:10:

In Reply to: Re: Have you done this drug test? Please be aware........... posted by This is supposed to be right-Grandma Peg on June 15, 2000 at 17:47:42:

: : Paracetamol (Is this called Tylenol in the USA??) give half normal dose according to age early morning
: : on as near as normal day as possible (when child is not poorly / has temperature) and watch for
: : side effects.
: : Faiure to urinate-for most of the day albeit drinking to beat the band.
: : Red face and or Ears
: : behaviour worsens
: : ??????
: : Please note These effects can be delayed for a day or two in some children.
: : A post regarding Celexa anti depressant drug given to ASD child prompted me to write this warning as
: : ASD children may not be able to tolerate certain drugs so please be aware and check.
: : I can only wonder - given that Paracetamol is given to many children when they are poorly, what is it doing
: : to those who do react to it, maybe un-be-known to their parents- when they are poorly??

: Remarks; Paracetaminol isn't supposed to be given to ASD-NIDS kids At All for this causes a complete emptying of the liver of several important substances... one I remember is glutathione. Of course, the substances are used in digesting and the kids have a small to non-supply f some of them. It is given by those using the Warring urine test in regards to discerning the PST system function and I noted that Dr. Bradstreet said they use some other supplement in a Tylenol suspension in his first writings... I dont know if he still uses that or not but the PST material hadn't been brought out yet when he posted. This is what you're getting if you try this and see the red ears, etc., means their PST system isn't working, or very little. I'd also think it was dangerous to try, as you said, w/o the Dr. as a 'home test'. Regards, Grandma Peg

Thanks grandma peg-as i said the only reason i posted this is because i saw a post regarding
another drug side effects and thought some parents may not be aware of Paracetamols harmful
effects on ASD children, i myself had no idea of this until another parent told me that it's how
judges low sulphation, and paracetamols effects, I'm glad i didn't give Paracetamol freely to my
children, always was
told a temperature is the bodys burn it out defence mechanism by my parents-to bring it down
if possible
so very wise, as i'm sure you'll know.
How would one know if Paracetamol had these effects- without giving it on a normal day,
one just would't know otherwise, and of course it would be silly to repeat.
I know many ASD parents in the UK turn to Paracetamol when their children are sick.
Best wishes,

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