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Posted by NO VAX Until Testing Done-Grandma Peg on June 19, 2000 at 16:12:56:

In Reply to: vaccine and autism--What to do for new baby? posted by Paula on June 15, 2000 at 20:58:02:

: I have a four year old son with autism. His started as an infant but I truly believe that the MMR made him slip deeper away from us. Now is my question..we are expecting a son in Sept. What do I do regarding his vaccines? I definately want to break them up and follow a different schedule..maybe waiting 6 months before I even start them. Has anyone done this or know of a docter who can recommed a schedule for vaccines. Thanks

REPLY; In truth, there should be NO vax given Any newborn but since you already have one child wh is definately diagnosed, there should be tests done on the new baby FIRST...don't let the hospital give the bby ANY Vax either. The baby will need tests to determine the immune system may ot be functioning or baby may not have Any immune reactors or even may have had a genetic immunity or 'di-immunity' passed to it and should have NO Vax at All...unti the immune defeciency can be determined. They will threaten you..!!! With Everything. You should counter-threaten Them..!! You probably can get a legal waier to at least wait until tests are done on the basis that you have a child whose 'genetics' may have made him more vulnerable to adverse reactions and sibs might also be the same. Then, try to get a waiver until after 16 months for ANY vax...gosh, to Think we didn't have any type vax until almost school time and very few suffered severe reactions...tho' I do believe we All have some damage due to something in them..the point to that is, altho' timing may help, the kids' may react to the live type virus vax's, or the Preservatives in them...which timing may or may not help prevent. Our neighbor's have a child with a genetic defect, the spleen doesn't 'work right', just like his Daddy's, and I gave them all 'our' info...he should Never have Any vax as his immune system is defective because of that disorder, so,they opted to wait until he as 6 months old to start...the Dr Should Have Known Better than to do All...I pray for them and their baby, that this 'stuff' wont develop in him because, as you know, After 'it presents', it's Too Late.So, I Will advize you to delay, delay, delay, demand TESTING, and maybe not to vaccinate at all...unless they will get vaccines that are--- preservative free AND separate. I find it hard to fathom the power that the med people are exerting on 'hapless' parents today..!! (or as margaret said, Niave' & trusting...Demand full info sheets too...).God Bless, Grandma Peg

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