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Posted by David's Mom on June 30, 2000 at 11:30:37:

In Reply to: autisum and pregnancy posted by Brenda L Phillips on June 27, 2000 at 11:50:03:

Hi Brenda:

I understand your predicament all too well. My 4 yr. old son (our only child so far) is also Autistic. He's had a thorough medical workup (tests, etc.) including several appointments with a Geneticist. My husband and I have also consulted the Geneticist regarding, among other issues, recurrence of Autism in subsequent children. What she told us was that Autism is a multifactorial condition. (i.e. in the majority of the cases, it has no SINGLE cause). It carries approx. a 6% rate of recurrence (which is about the rate of risk for any disabling condition). She did say that the rate of recurrence tends to increase in families that have two or more Autistic children in the same family (i.e siblings). I'm probably going to incur the wrath of a lot of people here, but I believe in being straight with people. Alot of people think that vaccines are the cause of Autism, but the vast majority of the intelligent and scientific literature out there does not support that theory. I've spoken with several highly respected researchers and physicians other than my son's and they have advised strongly against jumping on the "junk science" bandwagon. My best advice to you is consult a Geneticist, discuss your concerns about recurrence and weigh your decision very carefully. If you want, you can email me at: [email protected] for info., support, or just someone to vent at. I completely understand your fears since were facing that ourselves. Good luck and take care. Sue.

: Hi to whom it may concern, im the mother of two boys one 9 and one 11. My oldest boy ryan is autistic my youngest son is ok. I resently decided to have another baby, and i was wondering if anyone out there can tell me what my chances of having another autistic child is. Please responed as soon as possible. Thank you Brenda

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