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Posted by margaret on July 02, 2000 at 15:15:07:

In Reply to: Re: Vaccines, FDA non-scrutiny and Virus in Vax serums...from a Former FDA med. Dr., attn; margaret-have you read these pages?? posted by margaret on July 01, 2000 at 19:02:58:

: : There is a lot of info on virus' in vaccines, current and early years in these pages. Orginally link thru' Dr. Goldberg's at the ccid...oh, forgot to write down the nmes, etc. but these are must reads. They may contain some tech. language but plow through, you'll get a scarey picture. Try

: Thanks, Grandma Peg, have had a really bad week with my son, but i'll check this out.
: Best wishes,
: margaret

."I am also a chemist. I just finished reading the spec sheet on Tetramune from the netlink given
a few days ago. I
was amazed to see the Pertussis portion of the vaccine is prepared in a hydrolyzed form of
casein!!!!! In laymens
terms this is a salt version of MILK PROTIEN!!!! Hello - there is the allergy,asthma connection.
This has me so
angry I can hardly contain myself. My sons life has been ruined because a doctor has no clue.
Patrick had already
been diagnosed w/ a severe milk allergy!!!! The more I research the more frustrated I become.
Hope this info
helps."--- Jacki

Hi Grandma Peg i picked the above up at whaleto vaccines, it doesn't surprise me once
i've looked at the various ingredients of vaccines exactly why so many of our children are developing
so many allergies!
I was familiar with John martins work on the stealth virus via parent vaccine victim support
groups i'm in and
had briefly visited the ccid site in the past. The following url is uncanny with some
of the symptoms strikingly familiar with ASD individuals............

Given that vaccines are still being attenuated through various animal and human tissue,
of which the same tissue has continued to be used for many years, despite all warnings,
( people don't matter in this dammed business the main concern is PROFIT ! )
i shudder to
wonder what the future has in store for our children.
It would appear that some so-called professionals would have people
believe it's not vaccines responsible !! Beats me how they've got the bare faced gaul to
treat people-fellow human beings- like some kind of dumb dummies, perhaps they don't
think we're capable of using our brains - ( Is this their God Complex !! ) - I wonder !
best wishes,

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