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Posted by Ann on September 09, 2000 at 23:02:45:

Hi Grandma Peg,
You pose some very good questions and I hope this information helps.
First of all, all the fuss about soy being harmful is just someone trying to
cause trouble and make money.From, my own research, and I also consulted some
top nutritionists and MD's is that there is no harm in eating soy products and it
really has no strong effect on a male's hormone level. Here is some info I thought would be helpful.
Research has now shown that consumption of soy has increased benefits in reducing heart disease.
It possibly can protect women from breast cancer in that , phytoestrogens, most notably soy
isoflavones, have the ability to block the action of estradiol in certain tissues-thus protecting
both men and women from breast cancer.
Scientist's at the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada, compared the urine samples of
two groups of people, one who ate a soy diet and one who did not. Since , high estrogen levels
were the main concern, which could increase breast cancer risks, researchers looked for a
certain protein in the urine that would indicate how much estrogen was present in the body.
For female particiapnts, eating the soy diet, their estrogen levels were actually slightly lower
than before they started the study. Therefore, I conclude that men had little hormone change-
certainly no increase in estrogen levels.
Dr. Andreas Constantinou of the University of Chicago tested pure isoflavones, a component found
in soy that has been known to mimic estrogen and compared that to two soy protein mixes. One
with isoflavones and one without. He fed these to rats.
All mixtures lowered the incidence of breast cancer in the animals, but the soy protein mix without
the isoflavones was the most effective. Dr. Constantinou says that soy appears to work
to increase production of 2 enzymes that detoxify free radicals, the harmful molecules that cause
damage to cells.
I also have found thru research that soy protein has been shown to reduce cholesterol and lower
bad cholesterol which has been shown to be high in alot of autistic children.
My little girl drinks a milk substitute called Moo Not that is gluten and casein free, but is made from
a soy and tofu protein. I feel safe in saying you do not need to worry about using soy protein products.
I hope this answers your question.

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