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Posted by Viv on August 27, 2000 at 15:13:39:

In Reply to: Re: Finally, at last, an Appointment at the royal Free Hospital, London.......... posted by margaret on June 18, 2000 at 12:36:00:

: : : I've finally recieved an appointment for my son at the Royal Free hospital London i've waited so very long
: : : for this,March 2001 appointment but sadly no appointment for my daughter !!
: : : They (both my now 11 yr old son and 16 yr. old daughter developed bowel problems, ASD, Epilepsy ,
: : : Dysuria etc
: : : post MR
: : : (measles rubella UK school campaign, Nov '94)
: : : I had no idea, being a naive trusting parent, that the
: : : vaccine/s were the cause - before my first incline in january'97 !! (we are not informed of ANY adverse
: : : vaccine reactions here in Britain, denied patient info. leaflets, manufacturers data sheets, vaccine trial details WE'RE GIVEN NO REAL, TRUE ACURATE INFORMATION- only what
: : : i now know to be scare mongering propaganda.
: : : I pray fthat my family will be finally properly diagnosed.

: : Margaret,

: : That's wonderful! I am so happy for you. I hope that you get the help you need/deserve. We are not given any real or accurate info in our area either re: potential SERIOUS side effects of vaccinations -- the pamphlet that I received _after_ my sons were vaccinated only mentioned high fevers and seizures and stated that these were very rare -- perhaps they should mention the more common side effects -- those along the lines of autism. I wish all the best for you and your family (perhaps what you learn re: your son will help your daughter, too).

: : Amy
: Thanks for your kind words, Amy.

When my daughter was vaccinated against measles in 1977 she had a reaction within 36 hours - fever worse than the usual 'mild measles' one mentioned. No warning leaflets were given to us. She was ill for weeks and weeks. Though she did manage to sleep, she woke every morning howling with pain. She was floppy, red, swollen. The GP insisted it could not possibly be an allergic reaction as it came on 36 hours after the vaccination, not 48 hours! Even though she already had eczema and other allergic reactions at the time of the vaccination (and no suggestion was made that this might be a contraindication for vaccination).

Three months later another doctor diagnosed allergic reaction, possibly to the substance the vaccine was in, and including swelling/extra fluid around the brain. She had a dramatic personality change, but doctors attributed this to the 'terrible twos'. I realise now just how lucky we were that the effects were not worse. I didn't allow her to have any other vaccinations after that.

Her allergies worsened over the years, to include swelling in the mouth and throat in response to eating a wide range of foods. It took me four years of fighting before we finally got a prescription for adrenalin. This saved her life a few months later. Everything seems to take a long exhausting fight in the UK. It has taken me another four years to get an appointment for my youngest to have a full child development assessment, and this is in central London, full of specialist and teaching hospitals.


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