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Posted by About supplements and Seeing Signs-Grandma Peg on July 06, 2000 at 17:08:36:

In Reply to: Mark - have a read at this .. posted by Lesley on July 06, 2000 at 05:26:12:

: Mark,

: I've tried just about every marketable supplement and treatment out there. My cupboards are full of 'wonder remedies', and about half of Kirkmans total product line ! None of which has done much good except the GF/CF diet.

: I could have given up, but last weekend, I took Ethan to a Chiropractor who specialises in Applied Kinesiology. He's BUPA registered - so I figured he wasn't a quack (and he came highly recommended from a friend that I trust).

: He did some non-invasive muscle testing on Ethan to check his allergies - BIG reaction to gluten. He also looked at his cranium. Ethan let him touch him which is an absolute first!!.

: We were given some flower remedies, EPA/EHA oil, and some sacro-cranial massage. By the second day after the visit, Ethan started going to the toilet by himself. He is also making longer sentences, and is much brighter.

: The good thing is that it didn't cost much, it is definately having an effect, Ethan loves the sessions, and I think we've finally found someone who can help him.

: If you're in the UK, get in touch if you're interested - if you've got PPP/BUPA cover, then you can get this paid for.

: Even if you're not interested in exploring this - don't give up. There's always something new around the corner.

: L

RESPONSE: Hi to everyone again. I think it's also time to take those supplemnts off the shelf and restart and continue to use them. Unless you've had a complete body system testing that says the kids don't need it, they still need them. Signs aren't always forthcoming but the teatments the suplements were disgnated for are more than likely still working to heal the childs brain, body, neuro systems, gut and boost immune system. Take yourself as an example. Have you ever tried taking any kind of vitamin or supplement and if so, how long was it before you realize you felt 'changed', good or bad..?? If you felt good, did you then stop takng that 'stuff'..?? And did you feel good, bad, run down, same, or what and when..?? Most of s feel 'rundown' so we start taking vitamins and suplements. We usually get feeling better after several months but may not attribute it to the substances. So often we then forget them and before long, are down again, sometimes not even reasoning why. That's happened to me often too. As to our kids, it's vital crucial, that we keep up the supplements & vitamins unless we get a negative response that we can't get balanced out after trying for another month. So, don't blame the substances if you don't continue them, perhaps for life. Who knows if some of these kids, or even some parts of each kids body, will heal and stay that way..?? BTW, we are looking at cranio-sacral too but we keep up the gfcf diet & supplements as they are THERAPEUTIC and healing. God Bless, Grandma Peg

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