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Posted by Yes, Rice flour, Tapioca flour, Lots of Alternatives. GFCF diet pages has miles of INFO-Grandma Peg on July 06, 2000 at 17:30:49:

In Reply to: Re: Roller Coaster Ride posted by Denise on July 06, 2000 at 16:16:51:

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: : : My son is 3 years old and has been diagnosed with autism. I"ve tried many supplements and have good reports on almost everything.I am writing now because I am discouraged. I don"t undertand how my son can do so well and then forget or lose what he"s learned. This roller coaster is getting old. I will always try to help my son in any way. He is the light of our life(my husband, our 5 year old daurghter, and myself).If anyone has any idea of why he goes from good to bad to good to bad please responed or e-mail me.Right now he takes the following daily:
: : : calcium 1 tsp-EDTA garlic(for lead)2 capsules-acidopilus 1 tsp-claratin 1 dissolve tablet-super nu thera 1.5 tsp-tmg 3 tsp-nystatin 1.5 tsp- and iron 1 tsp.

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: : : Always Hopeful,
: : : Denise

: : It seems that most all the kids do this yet some have a smoother time. The special diets can help smooth things out. The suplements are working by healing the brain and the 'innards'which we don't see and can't always see outward signs of. The brain needs to grow more or new neurons, and that is possible. Med. science has now change 'it's' mind, where they sed to say brain tissues doesn't regenerate, they have now, in research, proved that wrong. Surprising to me is that the more you teach then, even if it's over and over...they're somewhat like Alzhiemer's in that...that this is exercise to the brain and causes it to grow more neurons which are needed for processing. Some f the kids brains have incomplet neurons, interrupted in process of growing. Some of them don't have the protective myelin sheath around the erves, same reason. This is what your special diets and supplements and vitamins is helping, providing material for the brain to clear itself of toxins that can stop neuronal growth and providing the material needed for building, re-growth or new growth. Keep seeking out new protocols, keep getting educational therapies and realize, pleas, that there's lots, MILLIONS of 'us' in the same battle. It's our grandkids I'm fighting this disease-disorder 'for'. Yes, any therapies get tiresome. Dr. Brastreet says it's IDEAL to have a smooth ascent but Lisa Lewis says it's usually 2 steps forward and 3 back. Hg in there and resolve to keep going until it becomes 'routine' to give therapeutics to your can and will be that way the same as treating any other disorder-disease in which a particular protocol is required. God Bless, Grandma Peg

: Thank you grandma Peg for your responce. I am looking at the GF/CF diet but feel a little bit overwhelmed and afraid that I will mess up. Are there certain foods that you buy that are easy to find (especially snacks and lunch). If I knew what type of flour to use to make gravy that would help with supper. I cook alot of meat in gravy.Well, I am trying to get ideas so that maybe this diet will be a success for my son as it has for so many others. Thanks again for writting. I read alot of your responces to others-you seem to know alot.
: Denise

REPLY; Good idea Denise, I think. The pages are ore than the message board. From the front page, you can access info on foods, where to get, etc. Gravies are easy, in addtition to those in the title, if they're not allergic to corn, cornstarch is always a favorite for thickening. Rice flour works nice too. It's easier than some folks say to 'do the diet' but does have it's hard places. Places to shop include Health Food stores, on-line stores and special sections - organic or ethnic - of grocery stores. Some cities have oriental markets where lots of rice products can be found. The easy par is tha all frsh meats and veggies and fruts are allowed. As the diet goes on, if allergies or recations show u to any of those, you'll have to cut down more. Some do, some don't. The milk subs have to be sorted out as some have molecules of gluten in them. At first, you don't necessarily need to cut it that close but by the 2nd or 3rd. week into gluten elimination you will. We've all messed up many times. Something we thouht was okey turns ou to have some kind of additional little step or a hidden product, something under a general name lie modiied food starch. A lt of us also do a modified Feingold's diet with this, trying to elminate all the additives and food colrs and atificial flavors as many contain hidden sources of gluten or casein...but that's fine tuning and you can stretch that out until you're well into the doing out gluten phase. But even all that info, how to start, is on the gfcf diet pages. It's important to stress that no one s going to starve on this diet as most of the rest of the world eats w/o wheat & dairy. And it's not necessary to make everything into a rice dish. In fact, some don't use rice products at all. But read the info's. It's not to be feared, it's just another change in life. Much is stopping convenience and pre-pack foods and beginning to cook. God Bless, there's lots of help available. Grandma Peg

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