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Posted by In Their Vaccines-Grandma Peg on July 13, 2000 at 00:03:36:

In Reply to: Chelation therapy for high aluminum and antimony levels posted by Todd and Stephanie on July 09, 2000 at 21:55:30:

: Our austitic son has been identified as having high levels of these two elements. Does anyone know from where in the environment these metals come from to get into the body (ex. air, food, water, etc.)? Also, does anyone have knowledge if chelation therapy for these is available and/or effective? Any information would be helpful.

: Thanks!!

REPLY; Many of 'our'kids have high toxic metal accumulations. This may seem to be a negative answer, certainly a disturbing one, but the only thing common, World Wide to these kid are the vaccines. They are made wih preservatives that are mercury, aluminum, formaldeyde--which is lead based. It is thought, by researchers, to be accumulations of these toxic metals that infants and cildren...or anyOther age human,can throw off. That not only are the suggested levels of acceptable amounts too high for babies & children but there s also no need for them and H.Metals were never supposed to be injected into our bodies. Some are more suseptable to damage than others.There are horror stories from mercury tooth filling Some people. Standard blood tests aren't accurate for finding anything but recent and heavy dose exposures to them. It has to be another - old - standard test - by hair analysis and stool-b.m.- analysis. A health care provider has to order these tests for you from Great Plains lab, or Great Smokies lab and there are others. Yes, detoxifying can be done by parents, Naturopath -Dr's.- and homeopathic practitioners, amongst others. It's also known as chelation therapy. Some DAN dr's can and wll do this too. A 'holistic' clinic or any offering alternative therapies probably can do this. There are books of 'how-to's', try looking under Alternative Therapies in Health sections, then specify chelation of H.M.'s or detoxifying. Try the book stores and libraires. That's about all I have for now, might be more at another time. Grandma Peg

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