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Posted by Lynda on July 15, 2000 at 00:27:13:

In Reply to: Re: Please read to see if you have any suggestions :) posted by Denise on July 14, 2000 at 13:12:00:

: : Hello... I have a 5 yr old son with Autism .. He is supposed to be admitted this Monday for a few days to get some tests ran on him ...... He has (SIB) , he bites himself..hits his head on walls .. doors ... and now he has started butting his 11 mos old brother in the head too ... He also tries to hit at his older sisters 9 and 6 .. but not like he does to the baby .. I am just real concerned about his behavior ... I don't want him or anyone else getting hurt .. He has a new doctor now .. his transferred .. We met him the other day .. I just could'nt believe his response .. he asked us if we were ready to put him in a home !!!! That just broke my heart :*(
: : I have been trying for months now to get them to run some tests on him ... and now that they are.. I would love to get every test run that needs to be .... I just believe he may be hurting or have allergies but his doctor don't seem to believe that !!!! Well if anyone knows of any tests or medicines that have helped with (SIB) please let me know .. He just started taking Depacote ,, he was taking Zyprexa at night and that would help him sleep ... well Email me if you would like it's [email protected] .... I would appreciate any information ,, I am desperate in trying to help my child ,, thank you and God Bless you all DeAnna

: My son is not really (SIB)but I noticed a BIG difference in my sons behavior when I put him on Super Nu Thera from Kirkman Lab.My son has no more temper tatrums and is much mre calm. Kirkmans web site is they carry alot of products for autstic children.So far everything I've tried has been successful.You may also want to look up Great Plains Lab. they run alot of test.Good Luck,
: Denise

Hi. My 9 year old son Nick used to have a lot of aggressive behavior. We noticed that taking away the foods that were allergins for him made a big difference( as in gluten and casein among others) One of the best allergists in the country for children with autism or other hard to care for cases is Dr.Richard Layton. He is in Maryland. He has a fantastic website. We went to see him. His office is connected to a Sheraton Hotel so it is easy to stay and receive the testing. No other hospital or allergist is as complete or knowledgeable. Don;t waste precious time with others. Also, when Nick was treated with Nystatin and then diflucan for his yeast we noticed a rapid decrease in aggressive behavior.A good stool CDSA from Great Smokies Diagnostics Laboratories is the only one you want. They also have a great website( Putting your child away is not the answer. You CAN help him. He needs the love and support of a loving family.God bless and best of luck.

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