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Posted by Ditto that-Grandma Peg and reg. Posters, please help moderator, this is the real one, I have app't. until next week. on September 10, 2000 at 14:01:36:

In Reply to: This has definitely got me thinking. posted by *Ann (from GFCF board) on September 09, 2000 at 18:54:00:

: I just wanted to mention that I'm interested in this television theory. I personally don't think it's "the cause" of Autism. And I realize the paper didn't state that anyway. It has brought to my attention a-lot about TV that I hadn't really thought about before. And I have to admit since reading the paper i have cut back on my sons TV watching dramatically (just in case)
: I do think it may be a piece of the puzzle. Not just with Autism..but with ADD...and all kinds of problems our kids and our society are having now days.
: My only problem was with people attacking Grandma Peg and anyone who questioned the hypothesis of the paper. Accusing them all of being one ASD person trying to make trouble. Now it seems the pendulum has swung the other way and people who believe what the paper has to say are being accused of being one person "making trouble" I really don't care if it is one person or many....the paper does make some interesting points to ponder. That doesn't mean , at least to me, it is the answer. But it may be another piece in the puzzle. My only problem with this whole thing is the personal attacks at people from both sides of the situation.

REPLY; I second that Ann, about the paper's proposals. Not all unfounded at all, IMO. As statted, with regards to board, please help if there are items to be eliminated as the Real moderator up on board now. I'm going to be busy for a week and probably off the web althogether during, which might be better in long run, as others may be more objective in suggesing which items should be removed, than me. Grandma Peg

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