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Posted by Ann on September 10, 2000 at 18:49:51:

In Reply to: Re: Reply to Grandma Peg's Question on Soy posted by Than you, sounds reasonable-Grandma Peg on September 10, 2000 at 13:48:23:

: Hi Grandma Peg,
Had to let you know that you are so right about the experiments. They do give enough
of test items to a rat to kill a elephant. Remember saccaharin--came out that it
causes cancer. They gave enough of it to a rat that it would take us the rest of our life
to consume that much. Guess what, this year they decided that saccaharin is ok. I
just thought you would be interested in that. By the way, is your child on CLO?
: : Hi Grandma Peg,
: : You pose some very good questions and I hope this information helps.
: : First of all, all the fuss about soy being harmful is just someone trying to
: : cause trouble and make money.From, my own research, and I also consulted some
: : top nutritionists and MD's is that there is no harm in eating soy products and it
: : really has no strong effect on a male's hormone level. Here is some info I thought would be helpful.
: : Research has now shown that consumption of soy has increased benefits in reducing heart disease.
: : It possibly can protect women from breast cancer in that , phytoestrogens, most notably soy
: : isoflavones, have the ability to block the action of estradiol in certain tissues-thus protecting
: : both men and women from breast cancer.
: : Scientist's at the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada, compared the urine samples of
: : two groups of people, one who ate a soy diet and one who did not. Since , high estrogen levels
: : were the main concern, which could increase breast cancer risks, researchers looked for a
: : certain protein in the urine that would indicate how much estrogen was present in the body.
: : For female particiapnts, eating the soy diet, their estrogen levels were actually slightly lower
: : than before they started the study. Therefore, I conclude that men had little hormone change-
: : certainly no increase in estrogen levels.
: : Dr. Andreas Constantinou of the University of Chicago tested pure isoflavones, a component found
: : in soy that has been known to mimic estrogen and compared that to two soy protein mixes. One
: : with isoflavones and one without. He fed these to rats.
: : All mixtures lowered the incidence of breast cancer in the animals, but the soy protein mix without
: : the isoflavones was the most effective. Dr. Constantinou says that soy appears to work
: : to increase production of 2 enzymes that detoxify free radicals, the harmful molecules that cause
: : damage to cells.
: : I also have found thru research that soy protein has been shown to reduce cholesterol and lower
: : bad cholesterol which has been shown to be high in alot of autistic children.
: : My little girl drinks a milk substitute called Moo Not that is gluten and casein free, but is made from
: : a soy and tofu protein. I feel safe in saying you do not need to worry about using soy protein products.
: : I hope this answers your question.
: : Sincerely,
: : Ann

: REPLY; Thanks so much, Ann. Part of that report I think was sent to us in FEATnews...or maybe I read it in newspaper from the H.F. store..I have also drank soy milk every day as hormone repacment pills make 'me' swell and sore. I also think the public is being pulled and pushed, many times, by FDA or other monied 'concerns' just for that reason. I just don't trust the gov't reports for that reason. And, when lab rat tests are done, they tend to feed them a carload of the stuff being tested, which would kill anyone. If the gov't agencies would just do their testing and reports in a moe timely and unbiased fashion,...they might restore any faith in them. Grandma Peg

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