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Posted by Chloe on July 24, 2000 at 09:19:45:

In Reply to: Re: Potty Training dilemma - help! (desperate) posted by mom on July 20, 2000 at 10:10:18:

: : I've finally getting down to potty training my daughter, who just turned 5. We tried half a year ago for a few months with no success, and now since huggies size 6 are getting snug, I figure it's high time.

: : She is only slightly verbal. My problem is this: when we put her on the potty, she just holds it, no matter how long. Last night we did a "potty party" where she pretty much stayed in the bathroom for half a day, with snacks and juice. She held it for 10 hours! FInally in the last hour she started tantruming and crying, so we gave up because it was becoming traumatic. She was so uncomfortable, but she just would not go in the toilet! Shw trying pouring warm water, everything. Any ideas? This was an awful experiene. I should add that we've been habit training as well for about two weeks, taking her in for 5-10 minutes every 1-2 hours, with no success. She's very stubborn! We have the big-gun renforcer for when she goes (a mickey mouse lollipop) that we've shown her, but she just doesn't understand what we want.

: Have you taken the pullups and put underwear on her? If not, take them and theen try again in a few days. I did this frist and my son would hold it and try not to go in his underwear. Then try watching the times she goes and then about that time try sitting her on the potty and talk to her and have things for her to do again. My son cried and every thing before releasing himself. After 2 or 3 times he figured out it was ok to release himself in the potty. I hope this helps.

My son is 7 and can be dry is school all day, but not at home. I think wearing underwear helps instead of pull-ups which he is getting too big for too.
I think being consistant is the big thing. Don't give up one plan because it did't work the first time. It is hard work and we have to stick too it.
Maybe think of a different reinforcer for your daughter. She may need something she can earn easier. Like let her sit for 10 minutes, then make a big deal and
give her a small treat like a gummy bear. If I had all the answers I'd be on a white sand beach sipping a drink given to me by my cabana boy!!

Good luck.


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