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Posted by Have you read sites on Yeast problems...Grandma Peg?? on July 27, 2000 at 01:37:18:

In Reply to: Candida? - yes! What do I do next ? posted by Chris UK on July 25, 2000 at 17:12:52:

: It has taken me months to get my childs consultant to do a feacal test for Yeast overgrowth for my 6 year old autistic girl.I had suspected this for ages esp reading this message board. The test result is Candida positive . I will see the Dr tomorrow, Nystatin has been sugested to her. Could someone tell me how long is most benificial to continue treatment? and what results I may expect to find. She is on GF and CF diet and we have tried Secretin (no results). She does not speak, had loads of ear(glue)infections from young,loads of antibiotics when younger.She has had terrible streatching of her tum since birth which takes most of her concentration,rare normal poohs.Anyone have similar or any suggestions?? re further treatments (will retry Loovas if tummy streatching ceases) HAS THE YEAST PROBLEM STOPPED THE GF/CF DIET OR SECRETIN WORKING??? Could this have contributed to the severity of Autism? I would be MOST gratefull for any ideas , similar experience,knowledge.Very best wishes and good luck to you all out there

: LOVE CHRIS (in Midlands UK)

REPLY: Sorry that this may be a hit & run, I'm going to be gone 'til Mon.31st. I'd have to leave this board anyway to get into my e-files for yeast sites. When giving 'yeast killing' products, you should be aware of a di off re-action. The child may get sick, refuse to eat, etc. and seem to be regressing but keepup the gfcf diet. The dieing yeast releasetoxins into the gut so that causes sickliness for awhile, from days to weeks, as you know, each person different. If they get very ill, you can try a product from the pharmacist or health food store called powdered charcoal. It's stirred into water & drunk. It absorbs much of the toxins. A caution with it is timing, don't give it around time of any other suppiments as Dr. Shaw, of Great Plains Lab and book, Biological Treatments for Autism and PDD, says, that it will also absorb the nutrients to no benefit. As for gluten and casein 'causing' autism, it's a factor but that's because so many kids have had their gut affected to a leaky gut state by 'whatever IT is', that they can't assiilate glutens and caseins. Some kids have had such severe cases of allergic responses, which is different than the Intolerances from leaky gut, or severe yeast infections, that when those were cleared up, their 'autistic-like- behaviors cleared up too. But, don't pin a decision on that before you start the treatments as the child may be still in the disorder 'tho better by some degrees. Look into the gfcfdiet pages,,, there's some info and links to get you to yeast info pages. Grandma Peg p.s. yeast meds are givn for cetain periods of time, Dr' should know, then a re-testing is done for results. Then it will be decided if more teatment is needed.

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