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Posted by G-ma Katie on August 03, 2000 at 07:51:15:

In Reply to: Autism daycare posted by Irene Guzman on August 02, 2000 at 11:17:37:

Dear Irene
Your message brings back memories of what I went through with my daughter who had ADD (although autism is worse because he probably can't tell you everything.)
I don't know of a daycare, in my situation the abuse was happening at school. After talking to many of the teachers (and many tears) I found one who understood my frustrations and the cruelness of children. HE took it upon himself to tell the other teachers that they MUST protect this child from the cruelty, so they made her a "special helper" which gave her self-confidence, and the others were intimidated because she had teachers around her as "friends". Maybe (??) you can find one counselor who will help. I'm sure you other son feels that he should go along with the "mean kids" so he will be "one of them".In my case, my oldest son (who was grown) told my younger one if he ever saw him let others be mean to his sister again without defending her, he would whip his A--. He told him how ashamed he was of him and how he was lucky that HE wasn't the one with the disability. Also, mean, cruel kids will come and go, but his sister would be his sister forever. His words only reiterated what I said, but really hit home for my younger son. Also, maybe if you know another mother (or see one that looks like she is nice or intelligent) you could explain your sons problem and ask if she could talk to her child and ask her child to help others be nice. I know it is heartbreaking. In my situation, it helped quite a bit and now my daughter is a confident senior in high school. She is also the one that can get my autistic grandson (who is the son of my oldest son) to do more than anyone else. She said you have to think like a child and NOT give in - be firm. I live in Pinellas County FL. I wish I lived closer so she could help with your son.
(One other thought, maybe you could find a teenager who is interested in working with children when she graduates and it would give her hands on experience.)
Good Luck.

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