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Posted by Chloe on August 12, 2000 at 09:56:55:

In Reply to: Re: Sad Day... posted by Alex on August 12, 2000 at 00:02:40:

: : I had my children at Chucky Cheeses today, which they loved, however, my autistic son got away from my sight as I was giving my other 2 children tokens. As I frantically looked for him, I saw him being pulled by a young boy pulling on my sons arms screaming at him saying "NOOO!! I told you that you can't go up the sliding board the wrong way!!!" My son (3 1/2) was frustrated, irritated & confused by this as he struggled to get away from this child & get into the bottom of that slide. My heart just sunk as I saw this & trying to explain this to another child is next to impossible. I couldn't help but stop & pray to God at that moment to PLEASSSE let me live a long life so I can continue to help this child when he gets in situations like this. My son looks normal & also is as big as 5 year olds, so I'm beginning to see that it's going to be a long road ahead. Thanks for listening & helping me get this off my chest as I am sitting here crying typing this.

: Autism is hard to explain to other young children. I have got a great response by simply saying my son has speech problems and leaving it at that. Young kids seem to really tune into that and make an extra effort to communicate by showing the way instead of speaking the way. Also I had problems at fast food (all the clothes went off) and also water parks on the kid slides.

My son is 7 and we were in a fast food place with an ignorant man next to us.
My son touched his empty tray and the guy glared at me. I told him he was
autistic and he said,"Aren't we all autistic?" I was so upset I couldn't
order and just had tears in my eyes. Normally I don't get upset about things
like that, but this guy was a jerk. The clerk appologized for his behavior.
I took David in the bathroom and cried.

The good news is, so many people out there in the public for seven years have
been so supportive and understanding. I can't let one jerk in the world
ruin that for us. Just remember that!


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