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Posted by Ann, So glad a Pharmacist is on the board...I haveVit. E Question=Grandma Peg on August 27, 2000 at 18:44:05:

In Reply to: Re: still Jean posted by Ann on August 27, 2000 at 09:30:03:

: Hi Jean,
: I am from NC too. I am living in SC at the present. Ist of all--No
: excess vitamin C is not excreted out in the urine. It is what is causing the
: loose stools, so I would back down on the dose. Jennifer is 3 and 1/2 so I
: give 500mg spread out throughout the day. An Md told me that if loose stools
: develop back off on the dose. I do not believe in starting with high doses. I dose
: based on age and weight--- It is better to dose low and build up. I am only
: giving 24mg of B6 right now , not 200mg like suggested.
: I am a pharmacist and do alot of consulting with MD's all over the US . I
: consult with one in LA, one in Mississippi and one in Florida. I have a paper
: on dosing that I use as a guideline. E-mail me at [email protected] and
: I will tell you how to get a copy for free. You do not want to give too much
: Vitamin E. The liquid I use gives it in forms of evening primrose oil and borage oil.
: The GLA in this form is like 288mg per 1 tbl.. Somewhere Dr. Megson states
: that 117mg is sufficient. Here's the rule of thumb one Physician gave me.
: A child gets 1/3 of the adult dose. I only give Jennifer 1 tsp and I divide it
: up in various milk substitutes throughout the day. I tried plain Evening primrose
: Oil 500mg capsules on Jennifer and she did terrible on it--worse, but
: with the total Essential Fatty acids she has improved.
: E-mail me and we will talk more-- hope this helps
: Ann:

: Hi Ann,

: : I am also trying to do CLO with my son and am struggling to get started. I hope you don't mind some more questions!

: :
: : :I bought Total Essential Fatty Acids ( in liquid form)
: : : It contains a mixed Vitamin E with evening primrose and borage oils. It has been
: : : great. I dose it according to GLA requirements.

: : How do you know how much GLA your child needs?

: : : Here's what Dr Megson reccommends: Pretreat for about 2 weeks with
: : : Vitamin E 200-400IU/day plus Vitamin C 250-100 twice a day.
: : :

: : We have recently added Evening Primrose Oil and are working up to the suggested amounts of extra vitamin C and E. We plan to start CLO after we get adjusted to those newest additions. My son has been having loose stools recently---could the vitamins and EPO do that?
: : The dose he suggests for vitamin E seems pretty high, considering the RDA is somewhere between 10-30 I.U. Is excess vitamin E likely to cause problems?
: : I guess the vitamin C is pretty high, too, but I've always heard excess C is just excreted in the urine.

: : Thanks for any information!

: : Jean in NC

Reply; To ANN, we are using a dry Vit. E from soy sources, is this going to work the same as oils?? I wondered if all vit. E was absoutely free from wheat molecules since most seems to be made from wheat germ...As to brands of CLO, we started with Dale Alexander's plain, just the thought of mint with CLO gagged ME..we top it onto a good liquid minerals, Mineral Rich, which is flavored with real cherry juice, Just takes a small amount of each. We also bought our own juice concentrates from GNC stores to use for 'masking'. Just are running out of D.A's CLO so ordered from Kirkman's this time. We're trying to get tests done thru' Pat Kane's lab, via our provider, to see what the fatty acid balance really is in our kids...but it's slow going. Now some folks are casting dispersions on never stops...beware if you're a good health care provider, someone will start rumors...I requested proof, got none so far. Grandma Peg

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