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Posted by Yes to Gluten -Caseinf Free Diet-Grandma Peg on August 17, 2000 at 16:42:42:

In Reply to: Need advices for my daughter posted by nova on August 16, 2000 at 00:25:11:

: Dear all,
: I have 2 years old daughter which suffer autism. I once heard about "bacteria or fungus" that can produce certain morphine (?) that cause autism.
: When my daughter was 6 months old her doctor told me that she can not produce certain enzim that make her hardly digest her foods. It makes her through out her foods. The doctor told me to give her medicine before she take her meals. Is it possible that her disability to produce enzim cause her autism ? The doctor told me that her cominicator's nerve is weak. Is there any kind of medicine can cure her ? Should she join casein and gluten diets ?

: Thank you ....

REPLY; Yes, the gf-cf diet is the best place to start. The Dr. is quite right. It sounds as if this doctor may want to help you in the biological treatments many of us use. It is best to start with the diet changes, then add the extra B6 and other supplements as yougo along. The best place to go for info is They have info on how to start the diet and pages from researchers on why this is thouht to be necessary. After you read about the diet, then read the Dr's pages from e-address click on connects on the front page. After those, there are many more in the 'links' bar. That will take awhile and I advise you to either take print-outs to your doctor, or give hime the web sites to read. If he's willing to help you, you have half the 'battle' won. If he 'pooh-poohs' the ideas from these doctors and researchers, then you may have to do it by yorself, most of us have had to. If you are in an area with a 'DAN' -Defeat Autism Now organization doctor, or close enough to get to, you can start by hiring one of those. They are dedicated to helping kids with this problem by the methods of diet changes, vitamins and supplements First and hard medicines only if absolutely necessary. A word of caution about even those doctors though...they often charge more of a specialists price and some are just outrageous...the out of line kind you'll want to avoid. Other types of persons who use these treatments are Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Dieticians, Physical or occupational therapists, some chiropractors, etc. Please come back when you've read the pages suggested and after you've talked with your doctor and tell us how this plan of action is going. God Bless, Grandma Peg

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