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Posted by Grandma Peg on August 17, 2000 at 17:45:13:

In Reply to: Re: Warning abut the use of Stevia from the Center of Science for the Public Interest posted by Don't believe everything you read that's sanctioned by the FDA, they have Their agenda too. Stevia used for Thousands of years by Paaraguayians and Pervuvians, are They suffering the kinds of problems these 'testers' fearfully posef??-Grandma Peg on August 17, 2000 at 17:26:26:

: : here's a copy of the article:
: (For the info of all who read the following; it has been interspersed with comments by the replier, Grandma Peg, not the poster nor the oragnizational magazine which published the article-g.peg)
: : Stevia: Not Ready For Prime Time
: : More Research Needed To Answer Safety Questions About "Natural" Sweetener
: : WASHINGTON - Stevia, a plant-based sweetener that has created a buzz in the health-food world, may pose risks to health(of RATS-g.peg) and should not be allowed in the food supply until it's proven safe, says the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI)-(who are These people..?? Good name but where do they stand in the medical community..??-g.peg). Extracts of a South American shrub are hundreds of times sweeter than sugar but provide no calories, making stevia a potential natural alternative to such >synthetic sweeteners "Although there is (>no evidence of harm to people, (it said it reduced the sperm count-g.peg) in male rats and reduced the number and size of the offspring of female hamsters. in the test tube a >derivative >sometimes --whethe(??)--produces.... a mutagen which may cause cancer. very large amounts... message is simply that we >don't know enough (g.peg..chocolate is poisen for dogs, aspirin is poisen for Small proportions< but safe for humans...or so the FDA believes. Of course if we ate comaprative amouts of those items in proportion to the amounts given to lab animals, we'd be dead too. Sugars are actually poisens too and can be used to kill garden pests. What those do to us humans every day is almost unfathomable - yes, I eat them too. The fact that we get ADDICTED to sugar should tell us something. For thousands-Thousands - of years, Peruvians, & other So. Americans, have used stevia but I haven't seen any reports from scientific magazines, panels, etc., that there is a higher incidence of cancer there, past or present. Well, we will continue to use stevia and if my advice has caused even one other person a cancr from it's use, then God Help me...but I Think it's far more likely that cane sugars and aspertame will be found to cause far more harm than sacharrine Or stevia. I don't know Either as I'm not a lab -rat- or tech but I think Empirical evidence says it all, right now. As said, if I'm wrong, God help me. Grandma Peg
Very sorry for the mess up but I didn't plan to destroy the original content, it just 'jumped' when I went to post.

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