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Posted by Heard those rumors also-Grandma Peg on August 17, 2000 at 18:15:08:

In Reply to: Re: Need info: Thanks posted by Dusty's Folks on August 16, 2000 at 13:49:31:

: Thanks, Yvonne. Someone else mentioned to me that she may have had a "mail-order" PhD. I think it's important to validate these people who speak at conferences. Especially since what they say can have so much influence on choices made for helping autistic children.

REPLY: I heard those rumors too. Kane is a PhD..dr., as are SO May of our researchers and book writers who are also ouu guides. My Husband got his Lisience-degree for traffic mgr. from a mail order too...he studied the courses and was side tutored by an experienced person in that field. When I heard that Kane got er PhD thru' the mail, I failed to ask if they meant she bought a piece of paper which said are a PhD'...or that she took mail order courses, a whale of a difference. Her labe says she sends their samples to John Hopkins Kennedy Kreiger Institute as they have one of very few analytical machines to test for fatty acids. Then Kanes lab develops the profile on your child, the patient, interprets those tests and writes a program, in other words. She , at least got the info, from the International Fatty Acid Conference in Edinburgh Scotland, July, 1997. SHE says she's been a researcher in fatty acids for 40 years. I haven't yet seen reports from any doctor or 'qualified medical person who has said she's in dis-repute. Willis S Langford, the herbist who used to post here, seems to have regard for her and her studies. So, why don't we ask Him?? Or e-mail Kane's labe or call them at 856-825-8338 or fax them at 856-825-2143 then let us all know if something real factual is found and proven..?? I haven't employed her BodyBio Corp. yet but am still plannng to. Couldn't be anyworse than employing other labs which rumors have started about or reading the books of PhD's for guidance, could it..?? Just as the DAN Dr. who wanted about $10,000 to take on a child patient of one of our posters on gfcf diet board, who said that would pay for all the tests and 'his' instructions, and that 'he' was a DANdr.,..they should be publicly posted so they Can be investigated. As you all said, it's costly enough, hard & difficult enough without having imposters or unscrupulous people posing as 'helpers'. There's always lots of those kind willing to take your money, which we can ill afford to lose, as well as unscrupulous rivals starting rumors. So, give me proof one way or the other. TNX, Grandma Peg

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