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Posted by Greg on September 11, 2000 at 00:52:24:

>My Wife and I are some what at odds over Secritin working with my son. He is 7yrs old and was diagnosed with autism at 3yrs he has been to pre school, speach therapy etc. He is doing well in school with a full time Inclusion helper and has entered the second grade. He has had three infussions aproximatly eight weeks apart. We are now trying oral drops. I think all of this is leaving him some what confused and more hyper. We started drops because we noticed a change at about four to five weeks after he got the infussions (more eye contact and he seemed to be talking more to us, not at us). But before four weeks and after about six weeks it seemed worse then not giving it to him at all. We started the drops because we thought we would be able to control the dosage (not so much at one time). My concern is, for the benifits, how much testing has been done on long range affects. Our local Autisum chapter had doctors from Johns Hopkins in to talk with us on there findings on secritin. They found no benifits, and were on to there next experiment and were looking for volunteer's. I walked away from that meeting more confused then before I went in. If any one could share with us there experince with this. I would love to here from you, personal or profssional
P.S My son is and was verbal before the infussions if that makes any differance. His Allergist also said that he is alergic to Casein and has a low vitamin A count. Anybody know how to cut Casein from his diet, God everything has milk products in it.

Thanks Greg

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