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Posted by jim on September 12, 2000 at 13:58:39:

In Reply to: To Jim - regarding special services posted by Liz on September 12, 2000 at 10:43:57:

: : : My 9 year old is going to the doctor to get an evaluation . Lately we have been worried about her behavior. Some things she does is , cries alot , very emotional, will get upset over anything ( if she forgets her workbook from school , she goes hysterical ), tell her to do something she forgets what you tell her ( like put the book on the table , she will pick up the book and say .. where do I put it? ), memorizes real good , but cannot comprehend what she reads, poor motor skills(opening doors, opening drink cans, button and unbuttoning clothes), asks questions over and over, will stare off in space , will make strange faces sometimes, always wants someone to help her , is real dependent . I was thinking maybe ADD , but now I am wondering if it could be Autism maybe ??? Any comments? Or anything I should ask the doctor??? She is a very sweet child and loving but it seems like she can't do anything on her own , and I don't think she is just acting , I really think there may be a problem .

: : My six year old is very HFA. When we first took him in 2 years ago, the pediatrician, a supposed expert, first told us that he was autistic and was probably going to have to be institutionalized. Two weeks later she reversed her opinion an claimed that he was not autistic. 8 months ago he was re-diagnosed by someone competant who agreed he was autistic, but very very HFA. In fact, we tried to get him into a social skills class for autistics and he was rejected because he was too high functioning. The reason for this diatribe is to let you know that a lot of HFA kids can go a long time before they get an accurate diagnosis. The nerd or geek of 20 years ago likely might have been an undiagnosed HFA. If so, accept the dx for what it is - a sword to force your school district to give your child the services she need. Dont beat yourself up over it and DONT think of her as the same wonderful girl you knew before the dx. Best.

: Jim,

: What kind of services is the school district going to provide for someone who is functioning high enough to be in regular classes? In our school district, parents can go directly to the counselor and ask if their child can work with them. If there are problems with reading, etc., often they get one on one attention anyway.
: Most parents of low functioning children dream that some day their kids can be integrated without services and escape the diagnosis.

: Best wishes,

: Liz

hi -this will have to be short as i havedestroyed my righjt hand and my doc does no want me typong wit either hand but, b gets ot speech 1 on1 aide full time in class and during recess and spec. ed.

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