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Posted by Sounds like something one of my sons would say, Dad-Mercola is on the DAN list but-sourcing info-Grandma Peg on September 13, 2000 at 04:31:05:

In Reply to: Soy, food for the masses or silent killer? posted by Dad on September 12, 2000 at 16:34:44:

: In reply to the posting down the list concerning soy, I recalled reading a couple of articles about this topic while back.

: I dug thru my endless list of bookmarks and found this one:


: Using the site search feature on page two, I came up with a longlist of articles conerning soy, which you may or may not wish to red thru. There is much left unanswered about the use of soy as a protein substitute.

: Being a person who appreciates logic, I am most curious about hte study which found that soy is not as nutritive as some would claim unless it has been fermented first (as in making tofu or soy sauce). The study cited the countries in Asia which rely heavily upon soy for a main protein source, and found in those areas where soy was not processed thru fermentation, the population exhibited signs of malnutrition, whereas the areas where it was processed into tofu did not.

: Personally, I do not know one way or the other well enough to render my opinion, but it is interesting reading, if you are so inclined.

: Besides, being an unabashed and incorrigable carnivore, I prefer my protein carved from the flank of large bovine type creatures, served rare, with a touch of garlic, salt and pepper. You want vegetables? nothing like a side of fried onions and maybe a baked potatoe to go with your 16 oz cut of meat.

: Bon apittit!

Comment: I also have this site but I'm skeptical. The sources I heard the claims thru' were 2 TV magazines, like 20/20, but don't recall which. In the same week, our local TV stations and local papers carried the info. The paper may have been from a syndicated source. I don't recall whose study presented this but wouldn't be afraid to suggest...the FDA or National Health Institute. It seems to be their nature, in the last couple of years, to tout the goodness of a product, or the non-effectiveness of a product, then 6 months later, announce articles with the exact opposite if they liked 'jerking around' the citizenry. Other than that, I didn't say soy caused breast cancer, the gov't. agencies said it. Personally, I'd like to see the ancer stats for oriental women. It seems as if the sugars real and fake, and fried foods of this country, USA, has caused more cancers, by stats reports. Grandma Peg

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