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Posted by Ideally, we would all find a Dr.who-IF we Could-but-Dr. Bernard Rimland, PhD, founder of ARI ASA gives this dosing advice on the net site-Gramdma Peg on September 19, 2000 at 13:45:46:

In Reply to: Re: WARNING, Consult Professionals First Re: right doses of B6/Mag posted by Ann on September 16, 2000 at 21:53:58:

: :Everything you mention is legitimate except that as a licensed pharmacist you
: can give out dosing info on any over the counter preparation and this includes vitamin
: supplements. Actually many physicians consult with us on our knowledge of
: medication. It is my job to be sure people get proper dosing quanities and that is
: why I always guard against some of these papers I have gotten that have doses
: that in my opinion could cause harm. I am not a physician therefore I will not
: diagnose but I can give out dosing information , same as if you called me at a
: drugstore pharmacy and asked me about a medicine and how much should be given.
: I am treating my daughter based on what I have learned from this message board,
: other Mom's and my own research. There is a formula for calculating children's doses
: based on age and weight and I use a book called Facts and Comparisons and The Physician's
: Desk Reference if I need further information. I am just trying to help others that have helped
: me. I have been a practicing pharmacist for 14 years.
: I respect your wishes and will have anyone that needs or wants dosing information
: to send me an e-mail.Also, there is such a wide spectrum of autism that most
: treatment is not exactly the same for each child. something that worked for 1 child may not
: work for another. It has taken me a year to find something that is starting to heal my child.
: Most all learned thru parents like you guys , but I recalculate the doses for my child.
: Ann

: Thanks for the information, and for sharing, but as you are a professional I urge you to emphasize to people who may be tempted to act on what you say that no treatment should be attempted based solely on an anonymous post.

: : Readers should realize that nothing in an anonymous post should be considered to be a credential or evidence of professional certification. Use a post as a starting point in your research, but always verify it with a professional licensed to practice medicine or to dispense dietary advice.

: : Being cautious is not impolite, and it is not impolite to be skeptical concerning treatments that may cause harm. In fact, caution should be liberally applied even to advice from a professional --- that is what second opinions are for.

: : Readers, without intending to disparage anyone, let me ask you to think about how many physicians or dieticians would dispense advice to you without ever seeing you --- not very many because of the liability involved. They would need to know about you and your medical history before advising any treatment.

: : So, when you receive advice anonymously about treatments over the Internet, be very, very cautious.
: :
: : : Just wanted you to know I am a licensed health care professional
: : : as I am a licensed Doctor of Pharmacy. But always feel free to
: : : consult a DAN Doctor. These MD's except a few are the only ones
: : : that suggest thses alternative therapies that I know of.
: : : Ann

REMARKS: Ideally, we Would all consult a proper med. person If we Could Find one who would agree to this biological treatment protocol. Unfortunatly, we can't. I Think that's why Rimland and other Dr's post dosing info on their websites. No, 'one shoe does not fit all' but when it's the best you can do, we're probably going to try to use 'it'. Most ideally, we'd all be able to afford the complete set of lab tests that would map each individual's body, down into the molecular workings level before we ever give them anything...but you know we can't. IMO, Rimland knows what he's talking about and Kirkman's lab knows what They're talking about when they recommend 'trial' dosages of supplements. But this isn't an ideal world, an ideal situation nor an ideal method of treating our kids...'by ear' as it were, but it's the best we've got. All should be cautious about amounts, to be sure, but bottom lining is that we've throw a lot of caution to the wind when we undertake to use these therapies. Add to that that dieticians, Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Chiropractors, etc. may also be qualified to instruct in these alternative therapies and some of those aren't AMA licensed pysicians. Or are you also considering the 'alternative types' as Professionals? They are, you know. Just a thought. Grandma Peg

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