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Posted by From what I've read in Shaw's boo-Grandma Peg on September 24, 2000 at 18:23:35:

In Reply to: nystatin & behavior worsening posted by Alison on September 24, 2000 at 17:42:31:

: for those of you who've trial anti-fungals; I had Evan on nystatin once upon a time and he had a huge yeast blowout - I mean yeast was practically coming out his pores; it was terrifying. I stopped treatment, because I thought the nystatin was making him sick. Anyway, we've decided to give it another shot and we're experiencing some yeast dump, but nothing like before (he's also on a low-sugar GF/GC diet). For anyone who's tried this; did your kid go through a major regression during the first week? He's a wretch! Last night I *dared* to ask him to ask for nursing instead of just leaping on me and sticking his head up my shirt and he howled for two hours; kicked, punched, beat his head on the floor, you name it. We had another episode today, over potato chips, but it was pretty short-lived and he did ask for a potato chip in the end. Plus, he looks really draggy. (oh, I do know that a lot of the drs recommend you give nystatin in powder form, but my pediatrician thinks I'm a little whacky anyway, for trying this diet stuff. Plus, the regular liquid formula does kill his yeast - as we're witnessing firsthand).

: Alison

REPLY; from Wm. Shaw's book - this sounds like die off reactions. Remember as the yeast are being killed off, they explode and release toxins into the system. He suggests using owdered charcoal from the pharmacy or HF store, according o directions on package but with this caution, charcoal absorbs everything, not only the toxins but your vitamins as well f given to close together. Another item he sugests is Alka Seltzer Gold- Must be GOLD - which is only bicarb of soda - baking soda. So, I'd presume plain ol' baking soda out of your kitchen would be the same as thattype of Alka-S. doesn't fizz anyway. Standard use is to decrease the increased acidity the die off causes, using 1 teaspoon of b.soda per glass of water. Get them to gulp as much as possible in one try, then every 3 to 4 hrs., sips of it. He say the Gol has a children's dosing on label and not to exceed. Also, don't forget to give dairy freeacidophilus with it and FOS, Shaw says 10 billion count in the Acidophilus for kids over 3 years old, half that for under the age. He also says if the reactions are severe, back down he doaes of yeast killer to half for 2 days, then up to recommended level. The same can be said for he acidophilus. The aggressioon is one of the normal resluts but may also be due to dyes in the yeast killer formula. Many other symptoms usual with die off too such as worsening of stim habits, lethargy,sck & upet stomach, decrease in appetite, etc., In his book, 'Biological Treatments for Autism and PdD', pages 74 thru' page 90. Grandma Peg

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