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Posted by mamabear_26 on September 25, 2000 at 23:42:55:

In Reply to: Re: getting back to the reality of this situation posted by Moderator on September 20, 2000 at 17:36:37:

: : I believe that Kanners is still quite rare, and probably hasn't changed in rate of occurance.

: Kanner = Refrigerator mothers?

: You believe that?

: "It was this same Kanner, who, in 1960, was quoted by Time magazine as saying that children with autism were the offspring of 'parents, cold and rational, who just happened to defrost long enough to produce a child' (Steffenburg & Gillberg, 1989). It was also Kanner who said that the children were not neurologically impaired (in the face of evidence to the contrary in his own original writings). He asserted that they were of potentially superior intelligence (without citing any evidence for this). He thought the families were upper class.

: "All of these assumptions have been questioned or disproven, often after decades of unproductive word-game debates."

: from a now pretty old article, itself out of date, the same as Kanner:

: : But autism in diagnosis and treatment remains firmly in the hands of psychologists at this point in time, and to trust a medical doctor with limited experience in either dx or treatment is extremely foolish.

: My child was diagnosed by a physician.

: : Your HMO won't cover any of the therapies for autism, neither will Medeciad.

: I've never had coverage denied for treatment.

Hi, I am a mother of a 7 yr. old autitic son.. I admit i am still learning alot about this disorder,
and treatments... Up until 4 years ago i couldn't even get anyone to even tell me what was wrong with him.
But I do know there are ways that insurance companies and medicaid will pay for the treatments, and theropy..
I have been lucky enough to have alot of help in that department...
I have so many questions on this disorder that it's really hard to find answers
to my questions. maybe you could help.. Such as good methods to keep their attention, like for homework and such, or ways to get his attention
to participate in family activties.. just for a start..
I have found to agree that just because our children are autistic doesn't make them less of a person or less inteligent
. I feel it just means they might need a bit more of our time and attention, and alot of patience.
As for the article in "Time" I have to disagree on a few things there myself !!!!

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