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Posted by It Can't hurt-Grandma Peg on September 26, 2000 at 15:57:08:

In Reply to: vitamin therapy and Super NuThera posted by jeff wise on September 23, 2000 at 14:52:42:

: Has anyone tried vitamin therapy or Super NuTherea on their autistic children? I want to try it but my girlfriends is very wary of trying it on her five year old autistic son . Please help me convince her

REPLY: First, you should read Bernard Rimlands info since he promoted this use, find at Even at the levels he recommends, Vit. B6 wont be toxic. B Vitamins are water soluable and they do excrete in the urine. It is suspected that these kids systems utilize very little of the B6 they may get in their foods which necessitates using larger doses. Of course, there is a hitch, all B vit.'s are bitter so Kirkman''s has tried to cover that with sweeteners and fruit flavors, supposedly from real fruit, you'll have to read their site as well to find out detailed info, They usually answer e-mail questions readily too. Their product has an array of B vitamins, some with vit.A and vit. C, as B vitamins should not be taken alone, to make them more synergistic. The B vit.'s have long been recommended as therapy in treating Alzheimers and alcohoism, various B's, in larger therapeutic doses. We use Super NuThera, hypo-allergenic, w/o Vit.A. A is bitter too, probably most vitamins alone will be. It gets mxed with TMG and all supplements, a little water or juce if it's too thick but the FOS and TMG are sweetened, so be carful with juices or fruit concentrates. We sarted out giving it mixed in more liquid and using awater bottle with a squirt top, Mom still had to squirt it down. Now, due to the increasing objections of the grandson, it's kept to as small an amount as possible and a food syringe is used or a teaspoon toddlers tube doser. A drink of 'something' is offered as a bribe and so far, with Mom's holding him and doser, he's taking it like a sport. That's not to say he likes it. It tastes o.k. to us but the kids seem more sensitive to the bitter tastes. Yes, they can get a little hyper so you give them more folic acid, according to directions from Rimland and Kirkmans. Our pharmacist told me he could have up to 1500mcg of foiic a day..I think it's in mcg's, not mg's. All dosages are divided into 3, given 1 part 3 X a day. I sincerely believe this has helped him as the few times he was in the hospital on 2-3 days observation w/o the mix, he was Very hyper and that hyperness was building until he was at the bouncing off the wall state before they got home and restarted supplements. The vitamins and supplements are very healing. If your child will swallow capsules and pills, Super NuThera is available in that form so they don't have to taste it at all, just the supplements. If your child is of the resisting type, you may have to hold them _(upright so they don't choke)- and squirt it down by one of the methods above. Of course, it's a hassle, giving most of these kids anything seems to be a hassle but if you see good results after the time Rimland suggests, you will do it, for them. If you can't 'buffalo' the child to take that, or anything, the B vitamins are available in a patch form which , probably, uses DMSO. Remember to never give or force a cryng child to swallow anything, it can choke the life out of them. Several people have posted that they place the syringe between the cheek and clenched teeth of the child and slowly squirt it in, waiting for them to swallow. We also have had to do this at times. Net: I think they benefit and you may just have to try it to see what you can accomplish. Even if that batch sits on the shelf, there are the patches. And sometime in the future, you may be able to get your child to take the Super NuThera in one way or another. Ideally, yu would take a blood test to see what the current sttus of vtamin levels are and then the urine test to see how much they excrete, etc. But most of us don't have the money for all the tests that are 'ideal'. Do you think Rimand would suggest something he Knew was Toxic to these kids?? He's done actual trials and has the info to tell you. IMO, he's far from being a money grubbing pill pusher or irresponsible. Grandma Peg

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