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Posted by Kay on October 05, 2000 at 11:04:43:

In Reply to: Oh wow - my son (7years) has just started saying "why are the people staring at me" posted by sarah on September 19, 2000 at 21:57:28:

: Hi Angie

: I was amazed when you wrote about your son saying that people were staring at him - my boy has just started saying this!!!! He is very placid though but I wonder if this could change during puberty - could you tell me about your son a bit more if you don't mind.

: I also believe my son was born autistic apparently his brain is normal size but the neurologist believes there was some problem early on in the pregnancy. He is also epileptic and occasionaly hallucinates (although this seems to have stopped recently - thank god!). I would be very interested to hear about your son - there is not much info. about older children/teenagers with autism.

: Thank you

: Sarah

:Hello, my son also has said the same phrase at age 4 and would get upset when playing with cars with little men figures if their heads were turned toward him I would have to turn there heads straight. There were other situations he was fearful with doors closing, going up stairs, escalators,etc...... very scared. When he started to school he began with a iq of 82 and now 18 he has a IQ of below 44 called disintergrative disorder. He was misdiagnosed with ADD when young and was on 45 to 65 mg of ritalin a day he correct diagnosis was bi-polar and autism with organic personality disorder. at this time we are dealing with seeing things like grandfather is in his closet and his uncle and cousin who have all passed on this has been going on since age 12, or maybe 11. He keeps a deadbolt lock on the closet and he tends to visit with them every once in a while. He doesnt seem frighten of them and we just say thats not what I see or hear we dont tell him he doesnt see or hear them, oh well just thouht I would post this to let others know they are not alone and would be glad to answer any questions anyone might have. Kay e-mail is [email protected] GOOD LUCK TO ALL.

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