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Posted by on October 05, 2000 at 16:08:10:

Jeff's Story (Sent 10/3/00 to )
Age 3 1/2 years
by Lisa
First: Diagnosed Autistic: 9/30/1999
Follow up diagnosis of Aphasia - March 2000

Did research and did not get ANY services (because of holidays) until January 2000 (it is CRIMINAL that it took this long.)

Primary services to date: ABA 20-30 hrs a week / Speech 5 hrs a week

Socialization - typical child day care - 4 hours a week w/ a shadow, and
play dates on weekends.

Diet: GF/CF February 2000
Rotation diet: Started May 2000

Summary - where Jeff started: At 2 years 9 months Jeff was completely non verbal and out of control when we received our diagnosis in September. He had poor sleeping and eating habits. He drank a gallon of milk everyday and his diet consisted of deep fried brown food and a lot of sugar. He did not have normal play skills. He could not sit and attend to any task. He walked on his toes, spinned all his toys, and could not be taken to restaurants. He was out of control. He was not a sickly boy, but had terrible yeast rashes on face and bottom. Explosive diarrhea was our daily life. Jeff has never been abusive (to others or himself) he has always been loving and adorably cute little guy. For a year I complained to our primary care pediatrician that something was wrong. Jeff had words, was developing normally and regressed when given his MMR vaccine at 16 mos. She told me for a year "Boys develop slower than girls." For a year, I believed her. I could hit someone for waiting that one year (oh well, move on. You are here.)

Where Jeff is NOW: As of September, I am happy to report Jeff has the following successes:
* Normal bowel movements (YES!)
* He will go for walks and hold your hand. No out of control running!
* He listens, complies and follows directions - he loves to please (I love this little boy!)
* He sleeps better
* His diet is HEALTHY! (I challenge any other 3 year old to be this healthy - his diet includes: vegetables and fruit hidden in EVERYTHING he eats, plenty of variety with calcium supplements, lots of protein. He eats very well!)
* He is up to 30 hours of therapy of week that is structured and fun
(think of any other three year old that sits and attends to task AND mostly in a good mood!)
* He can identify 200 receptive labels
* He has 10 clear words and uses PECS for communication (Jeff has aphasia - so speech is a hard road for us -BUT we will get there!!)
* He always has been loveable - but is even more now!
* He is socially aware and has started really playing with other children
* He plays appropriately with toys
* He can use the computer and the MOUSE for about 7 educational computer programs
* He knows his alphabet in 3-4 different ways (this is amazing!!)
* He has leaky gut issues and we feel we are making great progress in healing his gut.

We are very proud of Jeff. He has come so far in a short period of time. All of the therapies and supplements and doctors interventions were so important BUT diet is where I could help. By doing this diet I could provide the foundation for growth and set the stages of his education to the future. Without the diet, I do not feel we would be where we are today and where we will be tomorrow.

The diet is tough - but I often ask "what is Jeff missing?" NOTHING. He gets the food he needs (including fun foods GF CF cakes and cookies,) he has all the nutrition he needs and did not have it before the diet. Ask yourself - what do you have to loose? NOTHING. What do you have to gain? EVERYTHING. All the effort in this diet is worth it - you get back an amazing amount for every ounce of effort.

Thanks for helping me look back. I am proud of our accomplishments.

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