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Posted by Nancy, Are you Sure?-Grandma Peg on October 07, 2000 at 16:27:42:

In Reply to: Is this typical behavior for an autistic child???? posted by Nancy on October 07, 2000 at 14:12:10:

: Hi All,

: My daughter is 3 and high functioning. Her behavior of late confuses me. Just a month ago, Goofy was her favorite character and couldn't get enough of him. I noticed she hadn't seen the video for awhile so I asked her if she wanted to watch it. She ran out of the room, screaming and yelling, no! When she finally calmed down I asked her if Goofy scared her. Her reaction was actually violen!. She started hitting, kicking and punching me. Her face turned beat red and she cried hysterically. She wouldn't speak to me for at least an hour and was very sullen. The same thing happened again when my husband said something to her. He was trying to get her to understand it's okay to be scared. She really upset us by saying she didn't love Daddy anymore and never wanted him to hug her again. She frequently becomes afraid of things she used to like but never reacted in a violent manner. Is this typical or is something else going on? I'm afraid she's going to turn into a violent child. I'd like to hear what someone thinks. Thanks to all who reply.

: Nancy

REPLY; There's nothing impossible inthe range of feelings all kids have. It's only complicated when they can't or wont answer questioning as to why they change their minds. Same might be said of all of us. But, if your leading up to a theory of TV actuating your child's autism, or violent behavior, you're a little behind. We recently had some posters who thought that TV was THE leading cause of autism, as their theory. ( I hope you're not one of them coming back fo a second go-round).That's not to say that I don't think that the theory bears no truth, I think TV is not all that good for anyone and yes, we can become addicted to it as to any thing else, or habit. The flashing of light and color variations has been proven in scientific studies to affect the brains of everyone and the autistic, schizophrenic and epileptic more than others. The recent episode this summer in Japan was in the TV news and newspapers, that the flashing scenes and colors caused about 700 kids to have seizures. If you also recall, many TV news articles come up in winter about how lack of sunlight affects depression and people whose cases are severe are treated with bright white light. As for our ASD kids, I too think they may be more affected by this than others and especially the bright red stories and the all too quick actions of the characters seem to be the most addicting. IMO also, I think we've all gone too far in using TV as baby sitters, replacing normal activities or interacting with our kids. With these kids who just Need more time, we've got to find the way and just do it and minimize the importance of other mundane stuff. Just IMO. Grandma Peg

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