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Posted by Maria (Bos) on October 06, 2000 at 05:11:25:

In Reply to: To Maria (Bos) posted by Sue on October 05, 2000 at 18:29:02:

I wish I knew!!! I've asked my doctors the same question and the reply is pretty much, they have no idea. I even kept a log for a while, and that didnt give me a hint of a clue either. No one knows I guess, it's one of lifes little mysteries. My level of pain is between a 8-10. No exaggeration, and last night I would have rated it an 11. So pleaaaasseeee, don't tell me that at your one year anniversary that't the level you're going to be left with, because next month is my one year anniversary...aaagghhh....I'm so glad to hear PT is working for you, that's great!!! Correction, my pain management Doc. said that PT is the worse thing for me right now, and my Ortho said, it doesnt hurt to try but I dont' think it will do much for the pain. He was right. When I did regular PT it was great. They did traction, some stretches, heat and ice. But then I went to a phsyco physiatrist, who sent me to "her" pt that she and her colleagues had created, and let me tell you I was in tears for 3 weeks. Literally crying in pain and my pain was a level 6, 7 maybe 8. After that PT wich was about a couple of months now, my pain level went to 8,9-10 and hasnt gone down again. Figure that one out...Sorry for writing so much, I'm just so glad the PT is working for you!!! Stay Well Maria (Bos)

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