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Posted by Gary W. Morris on October 09, 2000 at 10:26:46:

About 15 or more years ago I had a bad accident while changing a flat tire, no less. One of the lug nuts wouldn't break and I twisted into a strange position to try and move it. I was in my early twenties then, and when I pulled up on the wrench, it slipped and I went down both feeling and hearing the crunching in my back. Immediately I told my girlfriend to call someone and to hell with the tire. I Was Hurt. I don't remember if I went straight to an emergency room or what, but ended up with a chiroprator who found several nearly or completely herniated discs. My pelvis, lower, middle spine, and my neck all had bones and tissues mangled beyond belief. The chiro worked on me EVERY DAY for about 2-3 weeks in an attempt to avoid surgery. Then it was 3 times a week for a while, then twice a week, once a week, etc., until he finally gave me a "clean bill of health". Well, being so young, I was able to bounce back fairly well.. for a while. Then, I would occasionally move the wrong way (awake or asleep) and move one or more of the damaged vertabrae. When I would go to a doctor in excruciating pain, he/she would be almost unsympathetic as though I was lying to them. They'd suggest exercise (hah! in that much pain I was moving as little as possible), hot water bottles, ice water packs, and all kinds of weird stuff. The problems came when I asked for medication to take the pain away while I was "healing". On occasion I would get some codeine and muscle relaxers, which helped some, but most of them refused to write a script for something with a little punch behind it.
Later, as I got older, the pain started getting really bad. I'd go see a doctor or hit an emergency room, get x-rayed and then they'd act like I was crazy, lying or both. No OTC meds would even touch it and I'd miss work and be unable to do anything but lie in bed in pain until it subsided enough to carry on with life. I'm now 39 and believe that some bone/nerve fusion has taken place. After giving up on doctors, I began looking for meds on the street. No heroin or anything like that, but the occasional hydro or oxycodone gave some relief when I could find them. Soon, my tolerance became too high for these to do anything. Bear in mind that this is constant, severe back pain, so I'd try just about anything. A couple of years ago, I found some people with MSContin, 100mg. I tried one and it was way too much, so I started cutting them in half and taking half twice a day. Not bad, and it works great. I'm able to function pretty much normally at home and at work, even driving is no problem as I don't get drowsy, just pain-free. Problem is, I pay $20 apiece for the little jewels and am going broke. In a desperate attempt to try one more time, I got a referral to a pain clinic. They saw me, I gave them all the info they wanted, and they ordered all kinds of tests (bloodwork (??), bone scan, and MRI), however the D.O. (Z. Gerger, Charlotte, NC), refused to give me any painkillers of any kind except arthritis drugs which I'd tried and they didn't work either. They also upset my stomach to the point where even if they DID work, I wouldn't take them. An entire pain-filled month later, I went back for a follow up (Dr. Gerger), and he said that he thought epidural shots would help. Problem again, because the next available time to do the procedure is 3 weeks away. Today I took the day off from work, wasting a vacation day, because I could barely get out of bed and had awakened several times during the night in terrible pain. I'm not totally against the epidural, but asked AGAIN if I could have something for pain until then. He absolutely refused. Their patient "bill of rights" had listed that I was entitled to adequate pain management and I got none. What was I doing there in the first place? I stand to lose my job, my guitar collection, and just about anything else I own to pay for street meds, while this is not only illegal but dangerous. I'm at my wits end and am about to call and DEMAND medication that will work (until the epidural) or my relationship with this so-called "doctor" is over. Has anyone else had similar experiences and how did you get over it? Please share, as I am even considering death right now.
Sorry so long, but I had to vent.
Gary W. Morris - [email protected]

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