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Posted by Francesca on October 09, 2000 at 10:28:53:

In Reply to: Cervical disc rupture posted by Rex on October 08, 2000 at 23:07:32:

Hello Rex, I have 3 really bad herniated discs in my neck w/one bulging one. And boy can you see them "indenting" the spinal cord on the MRI. You said this happened recently but didn't give a "recent" time nor how bad the herniation is. I have very little strength in my right arm with none in my left. I can't tell you the drinking glasses I've gone thru from forgetting when I pick them up with my left hand and they come crashing down. I have total numbness and about 2x a month tingling, pins and needle feeling (depends on sleep position, weather). So I know what your talking about. To say nothing of the severe headaches.

Treatments to try: Traction - done in a "good chiro's" office will help tremendously. They'll pull the neck up and attempt to get the disc at least off of the nerves. Which really helps. Steriod/Cortisone injections for the pain, inflammation. Big plus. These will be done in sets until you feel better but should be done immediately. Get a pillow for your neck the ones that look like egg cartons with the raised spiked foam. These work great. Keep the neck really stable to prevent further slippage. You can get them anywhere including a medical supply store.

Would I ever let them do surgery on my neck? Not for all the money all this planet! Why not you ask? To get to the discs in the neck a neurosurgeon would have to get to them by making an incision to the throat. The risks of cutting this area alone are unbelieable. And since just one level on your neck is affected why would any doctor suggest a fusion for you? I could see if you had several like myself and I still wouldn't let them do it! For the one reason being that my ortho had to do lumbar surgery on me. As a result I ended up w/scar tissue out the kazoo! Very painful. I will always be susceptible to this kind of scar tissue my ortho said any time I have surgery. I couldn't even imagine having all this scar tissue in my neck area but it would happen. To have them do surgery on my neck would be to set myself up for punishment for AN ETERNITY. So I live with it because I'm "just a kid".

There are other non-invasive treatments but I don't think they do them to the cervical area. Like an IDET. The discs in the neck are not the same as in the lower back. You have many questions to ask a neurosurgeon. Orthos do not do surgery in the cervical area (at least they shouldn't be doing it). To many nerves are there and require the skill of a neuro. But you should try these other treatment options first under the guidance of a good neuro. So if you haven't seen one please do so as soon as possible. Question for you: Would this one herniated disc be really difficult for you to live with if you had too? I ask only because herniated cervical discs do not create the same "mess" in our bodies as the lumbar ones (yes I have those too)and are much easier to live with. At least they are for me - for now. Be well

any of you have had any similar cervical disk problems, I know I could got a lot of good input from you; what questions to ask, what treatments were effective or ineffective and, especially, what results any of you have had from cervical discectomy or fusion.

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