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Posted by catherine on October 14, 2000 at 11:18:24:

i'm trying to figure out how to post properly!
thanks for responding. i was misdiagnosed 3 years ago with scoliosis after going to a chiropractor and orthopaedic specialist. I first experienced back pain when i was 13 and notice that when i was sitting badly in a chair (slouching) i would have pain sliding back into proper position. over the years i had a few pangs of pain but blamed it on "that time of the month" etc. i'm a pretty stubborn person so never went to dr. Most recently, exactly three years ago, i was riding an exercise bicycle and could not straighten up my back or sit or stand for long periods of time without excessive pain. X-rays were taken by a chiropractor who made me feel horrible by saing what a horrible case of scoliosis i had. i then took the x-rays to an orthopaedic surgeon who sent me to PT for the scoliosis. so, all these years i've been exercising like mad to strengthen my back to help the "scoliosis". three weeks ago though the pain was so excruciating that i was literally crippled by it. I went to a different orth dr. who took x-rays and said my spine was straight! that i did not have scoliosis! I went for an mri and they discovered the stenosis, a herniated disc AND sacroiliitis. SO i went to neurosurgeon and he recommended pain management. I went to pain management yesterday and had a steroid pain block injected on my right and left sides for the sacroiliitis and as for the stenosis, i've been told there's not much they can do because there is so much dehydration and crumbling of the discs. the other interesting point is that i have 6 lumbar vertebrae not 5 so i think that may contribute to the stenosis as well. i have problems straightening up all the time. my back my back seems to curve forward and hunch me over and no matter what i do i can't get straight. it's very painful
anyhow, i will look into the information you provided. it's very comforting to know that someone else has this condition as the dr. told me it's not common in people under 60.
thanks again for your time. i really appreciate it so very much.

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