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Posted by Dani on October 18, 2000 at 15:32:24:

Hey everyone-

I need to vent!

So, I went back to this ortho surgeon (considered one of boston's best) today to get his opinion on whether I should have a fusion or a discectomy. The debate is whether to have a discectomy at l3-4 or a fusion at l3-l5. This doctor told me that the herniation at l3-4 really isn't that much of a problem and isn't causing much of my pain and that the l4-5 could be causing the pain but he doesn't know..but he does not think I should have surgery but should, instead, "continue to live with the pain".

I'm very frustrated because this guy is supposedly so knowledgable...but he is telling me to just live with the pain and I can't anymore! I started to break down and cry (humiliating to me) and do you know what he did? NOTHING. he had a complete stone face. I'm so glad I at least had my father there to be my voice.

I just don't understand how I can get two opinions from two very well respected doctors (who suggest surgery) and then get the exact opposite opinion from this doctor who is equally well-respected.

and, of course, I'm so furious that he just sat there like a heartless jerk and just let me cry while he continued to talk out of his arse about the protogylcans and metabolic bi-products of a degenerating disc. Arg! and the reason I have to go to him is because he's the doctor covered by my health insurance..and I have to clear things by him first!

Alright..I'm done venting for now.

hope you all had a day at least a little better than mine!


ps- Maria (bos) what did your doctor say??

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