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Posted by Sue on October 19, 2000 at 15:59:22:

In Reply to: Re: Laminectomy, anyone? posted by Pat G. on October 19, 2000 at 12:21:55:

Hi Pat: Thank you for the information. I'm trying to get all the information I can get on laminectomies. You mentioned it wasn't so bad? That's good to hear! The surgery sounds like it really helped you. That's what I'm hoping for! It's been 10 months of this pain/numbness, and I think it is now time to seriously consider the next step. How long was your recovery time (at least until you able to do some household chores, or go back to work). Thank you! Sue

: : Hi all. Has anybody had a laminectomy? I am starting to explore other treatment options and am interested in any information. Thanks. I can't believe I am actually asking that question. Never thought it might come to this. Thanks again. Sue

: Dear Sue: I had one on L4-5 in March 1993. The neurosurgeon removed part of the lamina, which is the flattened part of either side of the arch of a vertebra (took that out of my medical dictionary I've got next to me). I had bone spurs and a disk bulge. The neuro was going to shave the bulge of the disk, but it didn't look too bad, so she left it. What she did do was remove bone spurs, probably on the vertebra. During an x-ray, they put dye down my spinal canal (can't ever keep all these x-rays named properly), and I laid next to a sort of t.v. screen and watched the dye fall down the canal. As it came to L4-5, the dye could not go down the canal well, due to bone spurs. So, the neuro removed the lamina, went in my back with basically a file, and filed off the bone spurs. One thing she told me was, "I repaired your back; I cannot give you a new one." I was better, but I will never be what I was. My motto is, "Take a pain pill and drive on." (Sounds like my hubby's Army motto actually, "Take a darvon and drive on." Sue, been there, done that. It isn't so bad of a surgery. I really hated the C5-6 neck fusion done this past June. The one thing about my neurosurgeon is that she is a very conservative doctor. She doesn't do more than necessary. When I watch her move even normally during a doctor visit, she moves calmly, slowly and deliberately; not like me, who moves fast and suddenly. When someone is working in my spinal canal (she has done 2 surgeries on me), I want them to move slowly and conservatively. Hope I have helped you in some way, if only because I have been through it. Take care, Pat G.

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