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Posted by Maria (Bos) on October 22, 2000 at 05:26:59:

In Reply to: Hi Y'all posted by Jill D on October 21, 2000 at 10:15:56:

Okay, now I'm mad. I just spend 1/2 typing and it vanished. Aaaghh.....
Okay, here I go again. Girlfriend, you have got to slow down. When ever I get a cold, the flu, a viros, what ever, it is becuase my body has tried and failed to get me to slow down. Then it will just say, okay, you wont listen to reason, here you go, take this viros and stay in bed for the next few days. That'll slow you down. The reason I'm in the mess I'm in today is because I never listened to my body when it was screaming out to me to slow down. Jill, you are more important than anything else. With out you, your family will be lost. So, what ever it is that needs to be done, can wait. I am the definition of superwoman, and the queen of self destruction. I can lecture you for hours why you should stop doing what you are doing, but I am no better. This has to stop though. I am afraid that God is not letting me get better, because maybe I'm not ready. Maybe he knows that once I get healed I will go right back to my self destruction, put my cape on, and be superwoman again. You have been given a chance to heal. Pppllllleeeaaaseee, take it as an opportunity to start all over. I wont lecture you any more, because I know you know all this.
Congradulations on the birth of your little 6 pounder. You must be very proud and relieved. I hope your delivery was not too torturous (than can be brutal when you pass your due date). I have a natural tea I can recommend you try if you're going to continue on the pain meds for a while. That'll clean you right out!!!
Okay Jill, be well. Take care of yourself and I'm sorry for attacking you. I feel as though I have known you and every one else in here all my life, and I just cant watch you hurt yourself. Okay? So Be well, take care, and God bless you Jill. I pray that you find the strenght to say $%#@ it, I'll do it tomorrow. Maria (Bos)

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