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Posted by Francesca on October 22, 2000 at 19:12:59:

Hi guys, wanted to post to you up here so it wouldn't get lost amongst the "trash". Where is that Moderator?

I'm sorry to hear about James Deb. What happened? And what's going on? If this new doc works out of JHU than he is in good hands. They were ranked in the top 3 if not #1. I'm sorry about WC. Is there a way he can be seen thru your insurance somehow? I'm not very familiar with WC "rules" but they are as bad as car insurance rules. The only difference is that w/car accidents one is free to go to whomever until you reach your "max". It seems w/WC your at their mercy! And your right they don't care. Only because it's not them. They would feel differently if it was. But you know what they say Deb "what goes around comes around".

James may not like asking questions but make sure that you do on his behalf. He may not like it but ain't that just to bad?? Doesn't he realize that YOUR THE ONE WHO'S STUCK WITH HIM AND THAT YOU WANT HIM AS HEALTHY AS POSSIBLE?? LOL. You just make sure you remind him of that! He'll get over this macho thing PDQ!

Yes I remember reading about your neck a while ago in a post. But Deb if you can, have them do an MRI. An x-ray will just show arthiritis and your much to young for that. Shit I'm almost 40 and I don't even have "dark spots" on my x-rays. An MRI will show what you need it to show if there's anything wrong. I just read the post from "picard" and it's kinda scary especially for me since I have quiet a few herniated and bulged discs in my neck. I would hate to think that any permanent nerve damage can happen. I have to really have a neurosurgeon look at them. But I don't want my neck fused neither. What a tough position to be in.

Let me know what happens in the meantime with James and please don't put "yourself on hold" with your neck. I knows it's hard but the definition of a woman is...STRENGTH! Be well to both and all!

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