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Posted by Tweak on October 24, 2000 at 00:07:04:

In Reply to: For the LOVE of God, when will my doctors actually agree on something??? posted by dani on October 23, 2000 at 17:58:12:

Hey Dani! I think the others covered it pretty well when they indicated that no two docors agree on anything. Read "Primadonna". It's hard to find one that you can listen to, "LOOK AT", and trust. Then you just have to go with your insticts and hope for the best. Try to find as many othere who have had procedures done by this dr. (Mine is Dr. Schlitt in Seattle, who is the Seahawks neurosurgeoun, and he fused three vertebrae in my wifes neck about 5 years ago, and things went well.
About the Fentanyl...I had never heard of it before, and I may be wrong but I think it's fairly new, and the "drug of the week" They put me on it fairly early, along with percocet, soma, and valium. I am not really a believer in Fentanyl, and cannot attest to ANY pain relief from it, so when I said that to one Dr., he said "Well then don't take it." A while later, when I had one fall off, I didn't put it back on, and in about 12 hours I went into what's called a Vasovagal syncope (?), where your cardiovascular system pretty well shuts down all services to parts of your body not in immediate need of pain relief (like your brain, although nobody noticed in my case, until I fell over), so you sort of feel as if you are shutting down, and since I don't have the experience of dying to relate it to, that's about as close a description as I can come up with. I was rushed from work to the hospital, and when all the pain and muscle relaxing meds were restored, I went home feeling prety well OK. My problem was that I let it happen at work, so now they don't want me back on the job till I'm fixed. So now, whether I think the Fentanyl is doing any good or not, I go ahead and take the stuff. A Vasovagal syncope, although sometimes described as fainting spells, felt like no fainting spell I've ever had, and I'm not too anxious to go there again.

: Hey everyone!

: Went to my pain mgmt doctor today and told her about what the neuro in maine suggested (morphine pump). Whoa! She totally disagreed with that option..and then she paged my surgeon at the the hospital and they talked and he said that he didn't agree with it either. He said he really thinks my pain is coming from the l3-4. So, now I'm thinking maybe I'll be back to the idea of surgery! I swear, it changes minute by minute!!!

: Anyway, I think I am going to do a medication switch in december..from ms contin over to fentenyl. Any of you ever taken that? It's a duragesic patch.

: Well, i'm pretty sick and tired of doctors appointments and I wish they would just agree on something so I could have some idea of what will happen. When I think about the up-coming months, I just see one big fat blur! ha-ha

: Anyway, hope all of you had a good day.

: every good wish-

: Dani

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